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Kyle Yadlosky's Top Five Movies of 2018

Last year was not a very good year. Politics were garbage. Economics were garbage. The world is probably going to end in like thirty years. I'm never going to be able to buy a house, and if I did it would most likely be swept away in a stor...


Jesse's top five favorite movies of 2018

2018 was one hell of a year for me. By the time this list gets posted, it'll be officially one year since I was asked to join the Flixist team! In that year I've been to film festivals, NYCC, seen some putrid, horrifying, no-good, vile, and...


Finally a good look at the final Nic Cage Superman costume

Superman Lives is probably the most famous movie never made. Born of the mind of Kevin Smith and set to star Nicholas Cage with Tim Burton directing, the entire thing has gone on to reach legendary status in the realm of filmdom. Stories of...


Review: Mandy

With a trailer that promised surreal, neon-lit landscapes as a backdrop to an unhinged spree of violent revenge, I marked Mandy as the one movie I needed to experience no matter what this year. I had seen Beyond the Black Rainbow almost a d...


Nicolas Cage finally plays Superman after 20+ years

Probably not istanbul escort quite what Cage was hoping for, but he'll soon provide the Man of Steel's voice in the forthcoming Teen Titans Go! To the Movies animated film. Around 1996-1997, Cage escort istanbul was cast in titular role for...

Snowden Review photo

Review: Snowden

I never saw Citizenfour, the documentary Laura Poitras made about Edward Snowden. I thought about it a lot and certainly meant to, but it was never really a priority for me. This was, in large part, because I followed along with the Snowden...


Check out the first photo of JGL in Snowden

The corpse of the 2015 Oscar telecast is barely cold, but we're already getting our first look at what's sure to be a contender in next year's contest – the first image from Oliver Stone's upcoming biopic Snowden, starring Joseph Gord...

Nick's Top 15 of 2014 photo

Nick's Top 15 Movies of 2014

It was the best of films, it was the blurst of films. Hey everyone I'm Nick Valdez, News Editor here for Flixist and you've probably seen my name on a good chunk of the stuff written here. If not, then I'll tell you a bit about myself. I li...

Michael&Mike: See a Movie photo

Michael & Mike See a Movie: Joe

This Episode we take a look at the new Nicolas Cage movie Joe, as well as a bonus top 10 Nicolas Cage moments in movies.  

Joe Review photo

SXSW Review: Joe

Before my screening of Joe, I wondered what kind of Nicolas Cage I'd be subject to for its duration. As good of an actor as he is, he has had a varied career. From "the bees" to voodoo make up in Ghost Rider, you never quite know what you'r...


Trailer for 'Joe' features Nicolas Cage's glorious beard

Other than sporting some fantastic salt and pepper facial hair, Nicholas Cage delivers a surprisingly dramatic and dark performance in the trailer for his upcoming film, Joe.  Joe tells the story of Joe Ransom, an ...


NYC: See Vampire's Kiss w/ Nicolas Cage free on 9/20

There are many reasons to love Nicolas Cage, as our own Nathan Hardisty has noted. One of the most compelling cases for loving the man is the 1988 Robert Bierman film Vampire's Kiss. The movie features one of Cage's Cage-iest moments, in wh...

Frozen Ground Trailer photo

Trailer: The Frozen Ground

Nic Cage is a detective tracking a serial killer played by John Cusack. In order to find him he enlists the help of one of Cusack's almost victims, the stripper Vanessa Hudgens. Apparently this is based off some sort of true story but now ...

Expendables 3 photo

Expendables 3 adds Cage, Chan, Snipes and Jovovich

Okay, I'm going to type this calmly. You know how awesome The Expendables was when Sylvester Stallone, Ahnuld Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis had that one scene together? You know how awesome The Expendables 2 wasn't because it decided to ...

The Croods Review photo

Review: The Croods

Usually when Dreamworks Animation decides to release yet another animated film, I ignore it thinking that I would end up watching more of the same old, same old. Yet every now and again, one of their films catches my eye for no discernible ...


Kickstart a documentary on Tim Burton's Superman Lives

Tim Burton's Superman Lives would have been an oddball Superman film. Not oddball in the kooky Mort Weisinger way, but just f**king bonkers. Robotic rainbow suits, Nic Cage, giant spiders, Burtonized Brainiac. That's why Jon Schnepp is try...


UPDATE: Nicolas Cage not confirmed for The Expendables 3

[UPDATE: Time to put the bunny back in the box. Sylvester Stallone told Deadline that he "has no knowledge of Nic Cage joining Expendables 3." He added that any reports that Cage was in negotiations for the film are false. This doesn't rule...


Trailer: The Croods

The Croods is the next planned in Dreamworks's really, really well planned out (and packed!) future film slate. Grug (Nicolas Cage) is a father who wants to keep his family safe by staying put in their cave, while Eep (Emma Stone) wan...


Nicolas Cage to star in Richard Kelly's Amicus

Director Richard Kelly hasn't exactly enjoyed a prosperous career since his breakout hit Donnie Darko met with widespread acclaim and pseudo-philosophical ramblings on high school campuses everywhere. His director's cut of the movie was gen...


Nicolas Cage is wrath in I Am Wrath, still crazybones

Nicolas Cage. Ex-con, face switcher, voodoo ghost fire guy, "historian," future Expendable, angry driver, owner of a Nickle Lamp, and all-around crazybones is set to star in I Am Wrath. A film in which a normal man (which we all know Cage i...


See Nic Cage's Ghost Rider face paint and light rig!

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was a guilty pleasure of mine this year, so this is some awesome stuff for me. This is a reel of deleted scenes from the film, and while a lot of them are on the uninteresting side, check out the scene...


Trailer: Stolen

Nicolas Cage has to be one of the nuttiest actors of this and every decade. Each film he comes out with is like a train wreck that you can't look away from. This trailer for his newest flick Stolen (releasing September 14th) looks lik...


Nic Cage attached to The Expendables 3!

While The Expendables 3 isn't a sure thing (though it will be if the sequel makes bank), casting is already ramping up and getting super, super awesome. That vast bastion of genius insanity, that crazy-bones pile of ACTING TALENT ...


Theft of Nic Cage's Action Comics #1 turning into film

Reno 911's Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon have a heist movie in the works, and it involves Nicolas Cage and Action Comics #1. The story will center on band of geeks trying to steal Cage's copy the comic book. This is based on the real-...


Nicolas Cage wants The Wicker Ghost in Japan

Perhaps daunted by Fudgesicle-yielding naked men breaking into his house, Nicolas Cage has struggled to find a role worthy of his distinctive talents in recent years, with his many followers left huddling around Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call...


NYCC: Nicolas Cage originally considered for Crank

I think that we can all agree that Crank is an action movie masterpiece and that Jason Statham's awesomeness is one of the reasons that it is. But what if Statham hadn't been in the film? What if Chev Chelios had actually been played by Nic...


Trailer: Justice

Justice follows Nick Cage after he enlists the help of a vigilante group to "take care" of the man who put his wife in a coma. They eventually ask him to return the favor, and he finds himself having to kill a man to pay his debt. When he ...


Van Damme and Chuck Norris in Expendables 2

With The Expendables turning out to be an unexpected success, Sly Stallone has been working hard to add to his already impressive list of OAP action stars. Arnold Schwarznegger and Bruce Willis will reportedly be getting the kind of screent...


Trailer: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

I'm pretty pumped for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. While the first one was basically a bland pile of crap with a side of bland-flavored dirt, this one's directed by the crazy duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, directors of the wa...


Trailer: Trespass

The first trailer for Joel Schumacher's home invasion film Trespass premiered today, and much like anything that has Nicholas Cage in it, it all seems quite underwhelming. Trespass tells the story of a wealthy family who fight back after g...


Here's your first look at Idris Elba in Ghost Rider 2

After breaking out in The Wire, English actor Idris Elba looks to be on his way to megastardom. His BBC series Luther has been well-praised and his movie roles are getting bigger: he was a controversial, but successful, choice for Heimdall ...


Travolta and Cage: together again

If there are two actors in this world who should team up right now I think it is John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, who already played with each other in Face/Off. Both have gone off the deep end in the past decade and the combined level of o...


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The Amityville Murders "The Godfather but set in a haunted house"


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On the Basis of Sex"A blast from the past"


Time Freak"When at first you mess up at love, build a time machine"


Capernaum"An imperfect but affecting piece of realist filmmaking"


If Beale Street Could Talk"Trust love all the way"