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Flixist Awards 2012: Most Overrated

Despite our best intentions, there is always something that we can't help getting excited about, usually well beyond reason. We hear the whistle of the hype train coming into station and just rush to the platform ready to bored, so willing ...


Five Reasons Why The Royal Tenenbaums is Overrated

[At the end of this week Wes Anderson will release Moonrise Kingdom. That means all this week we'll be celebrating by diving into his past films with a slew of features on the distinctive director and his films. Head here to ...


Flixist Awards 2011: Most Overrated Movie

We've all been there, admit it. There's some highly praised, whether critically or through word of mouth, movie that's out. Everyone and their dog is shouting "Go see this movie," or "It changed my life!" Maybe some variation of "It's the b...


Five of 2011's most overrated movies

2011 wound up being a relatively disappointing year for movies. We had a metric ton of sequels, remakes, and, most importantly, a whole lot of pure crap. Obviously, in any given year, there just tends to be a lot of crap, especially if...


Overrated: Up

[This week is Pixar Week here at Flixist, so we're doing special reviews and features for all things Pixar. Keep your eyes on the Pixar Week tag page for more updates, or just watch the front page!] Pixar has consistently been a leadin...


Universal looking for new Bourne

Sharing my sentiments exactly but two films too late, Matt Damon has had enough of the Bourne series. Universal aren't letting such a minor detail as the loss of their leading man deter them from dredging it back up for another go though, a...


Richard Kelly is going to Corpus Christi

I have a tumultuous love/hate relationship with director Richard Kelly. While I consider cult darling Donnie Darko to be extremely overrated, I thoroughly enjoyed the failure that was Southland Tales and even thought The Box wasn&rsquo...


Flixist Awards 2010: Most Overrated Film

2010 was an amazing year for the film industry with oodles of honorable movies that deserved every bit of the hype they got. However, the Flixist staff isn't different from most groups of friends in that we have widely varying opinions on ...


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Lords of Chaos"A punch to the throat"


2050"Emotionless as a blow up doll"


Alita: Battle Angel"Do androids dream of anime fight scenes?"


Happy Death Day 2U"Timey Wimey"


Isn't It Romantic"No, no it is not"


Birds of Passage"Bye bye birdie"


Cold Pursuit"Taken 4"


The LEGO Movie: The Second Part"Some pieces might be missing, but it's still a great set"


The Amityville Murders "The Godfather but set in a haunted house"


Crossbreed"You never cross the breeds!"


Miss Bala"Can't get out of the pageant"


Velvet Buzzsaw"What is art?"


Piercing"It's all about penetration"


The Conners (Season One)"The kids are mediocre"


Sundance 2019 : Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile"Zac Efron goes from heartthrob to heartless monster"


Carmen Sandiego (Season One)"Who in the world is Carmen Sandiego?"


Can You Ever Forgive Me?"Of course I can, Melissa McCarthy!"


Don't Come Back from the Moon"With all the men gone, the boys became men"




Dragon Ball Super: Broly"Jiren, eat your heart out"


On the Basis of Sex"A blast from the past"


Time Freak"When at first you mess up at love, build a time machine"


Capernaum"An imperfect but affecting piece of realist filmmaking"


If Beale Street Could Talk"Trust love all the way"