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Paramount reveals new horror movie release slate

You know how we get like a billion horror sequels? Here are some release dates for a few of them including the Friday the 13th reboot, The Ring reboot, now titled Rings (sure okay), and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (HAHAHAHAHA)....


There's an endgame for the Paranormal Activity series

In an exclusive interview with Slashfilm, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones writer/director Christopher Landon talked about where he wants the franchise to go from here. "There is a very specific end goal and I’m hoping w...

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First Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones trailer Mexican't

A Latin flavored Paranormal Activity spin off has been in the works for some time now, and every time more news of it broke, we at Flixist made fun guessing how many stereotypes were going to be exploited in the final product. Now we final...

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Paranormal Activity 5 may be delayed to 2014, world cries

Although every Paranormal Activity flick does gangbusters in the box office, maybe even Paramount realizes it's time to slow them down some. Paranormal Activity 5 is currently set for an October release, but sources close to The Wrap told t...

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Flixclusive Interview: Jason Blum (producer of The Purge)

This job has a lot of perks. One of those perks is getting to interview some really awesome people. Case in point, I had the privledge of getting to talk with founder of Blumhouse Productions; producer of the Paranormal Activity franchise, ...


Trailer: A Haunted House

I remember there was a time that I looked forward to movie parodies. When the first Scary Movie released, I laughed so hard I almost had an accident (I was also ten). When the sequel came out, that excitement tempered a bit. When the third...


Review: Paranormal Activity 4

Confession: I still have not seen the first Paranormal Activity. I always felt that I saw everything about it I needed to know with the footage that was included in the second film. Katie gets possessed and kills her boyfriend. I reall...


Paranormal Activity 4 may tease 'Latino' version of PA

Ever since the news that Paramount is producing a new "Latino" version of Paranormal Activity broke (which I assume will be called Actividad Paranormal, you know because Spanish), I couldn't stop but think of what exactly a "Latino" ve...


Trailer: Paranormal Activity 4

Another October, another Paranormal Activity is released unto the masses, who will foolishly gobble it up and start the cycle all over again. I've seen the first and second, and was suitably entertained, but found footage movies have long ...


Trailer: Paranormal Activity 4

Hey, look everyone, it's the trailer for the next Paranormal Activity! This time, there's a blonde teen girl played by someone from Glee! I bet she won't get on your nerves at all! This one claims to be what all the others have been leadin...


Paramount producing a Latino-themed Paranormal Activity

According to Heat Vision, Paramount is reuniting the team behind the Paranormal Activity series Jason Blum and Oren Peli with writer of the sequels Christopher Landon to produce a Latino flavored paranormal film. Landon will write and direc...


Things to get Paranormal again this October

[UPDATE: Well, it seems that news came quickly. Turns out Catfish directors, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman have signed on once again to tackle another Paranormal Activity. Joost and Schulman directed the third entry, and while I still have...


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