Good trailer, bad movie: the films we were duped into seeing

Have you ever watched a trailer that got you excited about a movie? I hope so, seeing as that is their main purpose. It's supposed to get you excited and bring you into the theater, right? It's such a rewarding feeling when the goodwill tha...

Prometheus 2 photo

Prometheus sequel gets new, Alien friendly title

Despite the two hour confusing slog it was, Prometheus was divisive here at Flixist. We even pulled in Jim Sterling at one point to talk about it because it was so crazy. I'm sure Ridley Scott was interested in pursuing a sequel because it ...


Rumor: Prometheus 2 coming in 2016?

According to sources at Bleeding Cool and The Wrap, the next film in Ridley Scott's Prometheus saga is set to release on March 4th, 2016, just under two years from now. Last Thursday, 20th Century Fox set multiple dates for some o...


Ridley Scott updates us on all the movies

Ridley Scott is a really busy person and while on press for the incredibly disappointing The Counselor he decided to update us all on those other little films he's got going on: Prometheus 2, Blade Runner 2, The Forever War and Ex...

Prometheus 2 photo

Prometheus sequel is certainly happening, nabs new writer

Whether we like it or not (and despite rumblings of pre-production trouble), Fox is moving forward with a sequel to the blockbuster head scratcher, Prometheus, just as Noomi Rapace hinted at a few months back. Hey it's not all bad news...


Rumor: Prometheus sequel in trouble

Please take this rumor with a grain of salt or two. Nothing has been confirmed by 20th Century Fox or Ridley Scott yet. But writer Damon Lindelof says this rumor is false. The Prometheus franchise seems to be in a bit of a pickle right now....


Noomi Rapace confirms Prometheus 2 script in the works

In an interview with The Playlist (while promoting Dead Man Down), Noomi Rapace (known around these parts for her female badassitude) has confirmed that she has met with Ridley Scott and that a script for a Prometheus sequel  (is it is...

Top Date Movies of 2012 photo

Liz's Top 5 Date Movies of 2012

So, you've finally landed a date with that cutie you've had a crush on for a while, but he/she just wants to hang out and have a chill night-in? All your fears start rushing into your mind - what do you watch together, do you put on somethi...


Damon Lindelof not working on Paradise (Prometheus 2)

Ridley Scott's Prometheus is a gorgeous movie rife with half-baked, pseudo-intellectual ideas. It's also populated by embarrassingly stupid characters. A lot of my gripes fall at the feet of Damon Lindelof, who rewrote the film's ...


Read Alien: Engineers, the original version of Prometheus

Ridley Scott's Prometheus was a gorgeous-looking movie filled with some the most abysmally idiotic characters I've seen in a long while. (e.g., How do you get lost when you have a digital map? Why can't you run diagonally or perpendicularly...


The chestburster from Prometheus that could have been

For someone who regularly voices his displeasure for Prometheus, I just can't seem to bring myself to forget about it, especially when I keep discovering all of the ideas that were cut from the final product. Not too long ago...


Ridley Scott discusses Blade Runner, Prometheus sequels

After having just seen Prometheus for the second time, I'm not particularly excited about any news involving a sequel. If anything, my distaste for the film has only grown from viewing it again, but there were still plenty of people wh...


John Spaihts shares secrets from his Prometheus script

Ah, Prometheus, how I detest that you keep finding your way back into my life, especially with news like this. Jon Spaihts, the screenwriter who worked on several drafts of the script before it was handed off to Damen Lindelof for rewriting...


Fox set to release digital downloads weeks before DVD/BD

In an attempt to bolster digital sales, Fox Entertainment Group has unveiled a new program known as Digital HD. With a catalog of over 600 films, Digital HD films will be available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, CinemaNow, and VUDU, a...


Three images from an alternate Prometheus scene

Warning: This is ever so slightly spoiler-y. Prometheus is still a bit of an open wound for me. I know several people who really enjoyed it, but for me it was nothing but sloppy story telling and a slap-dash attempt to start cashing in...


Prometheus sequel confirmed; Damon Lindelof not returning

The "Is-It-or-Isn't-It" Alien prequel, Prometheus, is receiving a baby sequel in 2014 or 2015. While I haven't seen Prometheus yet, I'm sure the chance for further exposition will help the crowds that felt the film left too many questi...


Prometheus Blu-Ray outlined; 15 minutes of deleted scenes

Love it or hate it, Prometheus is a hell of a movie. And this being a Ridley Scott directed movie, we can expect a pretty grandiose home release. Fox recently detailed the list of extras that'll be on the Blu-Ray, and it doesn't disapp...


Book: Prometheus: The Art of the Film

Earlier in the month, Titan Books released Prometheus: The Art of the Movie by Mark Salisbury (designed by Martin Stiff), a beautiful hardcover volume that features hundreds of full-color images, including production art, behind-the-scenes ...


Prometheus visual effects breakdowns show practical roots

So, first off, this first video has some mild spoilers for the opening scene of Prometheus. I'm cool showing this since, again, it's literally talking about the first scene of the film. I won't talk about it in specifics, in case...


Behind the scenes shots from Prometheus raise questions

So this kinda ties in with some stuff we were just talking about on Prometheuscast, which, if my numbers are correct, a very large number of you have already downloaded and experienced. We were talking about some of the theories behind the ...


Flixist Movie Club: Prometheuscast

That's right, the Flixist Movie Club is back with Prometheuscast! Max, Jenika, Dre, Liz, and I are joined by Destructoid's Jim Sterling as we talk about Ridley Scott's latest science fiction opus. We delve into some of the movie's weird thi...


Joel McHale out-Fassbenders Fassbender in viral spoof

It's good to know that if Community goes down the toilet without Dan Harmon's hand on the wheel, we'll still be able to get that Jeff Winger flavor from Joel McHale over at The Soup. This video parodies Prometheus's "Meet David" ...


Papercraft Prometheus trailer is awesome, so much work

Man, I can't imagine how long this hand-made papercraft trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus must have taken. Made entirely out of paper by Travis Betz, this trailer basically follows shot-for-shot one of the theatrical trailers for Prome...


International Prometheus poster is explosive, titillating

So I have thus far stayed clear of pretty much all information about Prometheus. Aside from the Guy Pearce and Michael Fassbender viral videos, I'm basically in the dark about the film. I don't need any convincing. I'm going to see the film...


Prometheus viral continues with Quiet Eye

And the Prometheus viral campaign just keeps on rollin'. Today, we're graced by the lovely Noomi Rapace sending a message to the Yutani Corporation pitching her intergalactic mission. But it wouldn't be a viral without a bunch of audi...


Del Toro: Prometheus is the end of Mountains of Madness

Well, this is a nice and depressing note to start the week on. In a post on his own message boards, Guillermo Del Toro said, quite refreshingly frankly, that the upcoming Prometheus, a film probably every member of the Flixist staff is crea...


The MPAA doesn't like joy, rates Prometheus R

It's not officially announced, but looks like the MPAA has handed down an R rating of Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Images of pre-sale ticket stubs, which you can see in the gallery, reveal the big ugly R. That will limit the size of the film'...


Trailer: Prometheus

This again? Look Ridley, we get it. Prometheus looks amazing, but you don't have to flaunt it in front of everyone. While you get to finish the movie, us mortals have to suffer until June 8. That's like, a month and some change away. ...


Ridley Scott thinks Prometheus should be rated R

Prometheus is at the top of many people's most anticipated movies of a very busy summer, and a big part of that is the prospect of Sir Ridley Scott returning to the Alien universe and bringing back the horror credibility lost after such ind...


Trailer: Prometheus

Just yesterday we showed you a new trailer for Prometheus and you had a full blown nerdgasm. Well, consider this a post tug.  Above is the U.K. variant of the Prometheus trailer, and while i was sure that would mean they'd all speak w...


Trailer: Prometheus

I'm losing my mind over how awesome this movie looks. Here with a whole bunch of new footage is the full theatrical trailer. See if you can find what looks to be an actual xenomorph, or something that looks just like one.  Good g...


Prometheus viral marketing set to kick off at TED 2023

I don't watch TED talks as much as I'd like to. Sometimes they run a bit long, and I have many things to do and not enough time to do them. Sometimes, though, they're short enough that I can watch them during my snack break. They aren't al...


New Prometheus image shows off a familiar friend

So a new image from Prometheus has been released today, and it contains someone fans of the Alien franchise might recognize. For the sake of spoilers, in case you guys don't get that the things Ridley Scott's said about the movie is basical...


Original Alien trailer remade, now more Prometheus-y

I'm sure we've all seen the Prometheus teaser trailer by now, right? I'm also sure we can all agree that Prometheus is totes definitely 100% not at all an Alien prequel, right? I mean, it's pretty obvious. Still, there are a few whackos ou...


No, I will not post your trailer for a trailer, Fox

On Apple Trailers right now (I'm not going to give them any link traffic, so y'all can find it on your own), you can find new footage for Prometheus, the new not-an-Alien-prequel-but-it-is-but-it-isn't from Ridley "That Crap Movie Where Rus...


Prometheus teaser poster has a face monolith

So, the Alien prequel (or not, I dunno still), Prometheus, being directed by Ridley Scott, is shaping up to be a film about things. There's a face monolith, so there's that, I guess. I think it's one of those movies that you really just nee...


First wave of Ridley Scott's Prometheus photos revealed!

Back in July we got our first peak at Prometheus and ever since then we've grown more and more confident that it is in fact an Alien prequel film. After looking at the five new photos from this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly, I'm conv...


New Prometheus synopsis hints at authenticity of leak

A few months ago, a synopsis of Ridley Scott's upcoming Alien-related movie, Prometheus, was leaked, apparently offering a detailed account of the story and its themes. You can read it here, but beware of possible spoilers. Understandably, ...


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