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First look at Brad Pitt on the set of World War Z

With all the back and forth over it, I'm shocked to see World War Z is actually being filmed. You can find the very first set photos, including Brad Pitt in costume, in the gallery below the jump. Sadly, they're not the most exciting p...


Hunger Games set photos show Effie, the Hall of Justice

The Hunger Games is the hot topic right now, the heir apparent to Twilight as far as Young Adult phenomenons go. You can check out our extensive coverage on everything Hunger Games related here, but in the meantime check out the first set p...


First images of The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being A Wallflower has officially begun filming! Logan Lerman - the young actor playing the main character named Charlie - posted some quick pictures of his castmates, Emma Watson and Mae Whitman, to his Twitter. The Perks of B...


Set photos from Wes Anderson's upcoming Moonrise Kingdom

Earlier today, some photos of the set of Wes Anderson's upcoming movie, titled Moonrise Kingdom, were leaked. The pictures show the set of what looks like a boy scout camp with a banner that says "Regional Hullabaloo '65" strung across an e...


A few new Super 8 photos

Even though it is one of Flixist's most anticipated movies of the Summer, Super 8 continues to be shrouded in mystery. As if to taunt us even more, some new stills from the movie were released. They don't necessarily give away much informat...


Flix for Short: Precision

Flix for Short is Flixist's way of showing off awesome short films we find around the web. Do you have a favorite short you saw? Why not tell us about it in our Cblogs? We'd love to see what short films you can make and find! Precision ...


Set photos from Looper look amazing

Over in Tumblr Land, Rian Johnson has been posting photos he’s taken from the set of his new movie Looper. And as I am the resident Rian Johnson nerd, it’s my duty to present to you, the reader, these photos. Check out the gallery for ...


More Spider-Set photos and even a video!

Below the jump, you’ll find some on-set photos of the new Spider-Man suit, which easily gives the best, and brightest, look at the suit to date. You can also compare the photo Geoff ran right here and the first “official” photo here....


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