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Review: Away

While the definition of film will vary from person to person, no one can deny it is a visual medium. Despite featuring stories with spoken dialogue, it's entirely possible to convey emotion and drama through visuals alone. This was accompli...

Jackie Chan silent film photo

Jackie Chan should make a modern day silent film

Even though Jackie Chan is working on a new Police Story film (Police Story 2013), his days of big and crazy action are apparently at an end with Chinese Zodiac. You can see some of that death-defying action at the Jackie Chan Experience re...


Watch the trailer for a 1926 Great Gatsby silent film

Baz Luhrmann will be the newest director to try his hand at creating a cinematic adaptation of the classic American novel The Great Gatsby, but he definitely isn't the first. Only one year after F. Scott Fitzgerald novel was published, The...


Flix for Short: The Old Way and the New Way (1912)

With the Republican National Convention continuing tonight and the election approaching, this is a political installment of Flix for Short. It's also a historical one. Above is the 100-year-old silent film The Old Way and the New Way, the ...


Melies' remastered Trip to the Moon to screen in Chicago

Georges Méliès' unequivocal masterpiece A Trip to the Moon was recently remastered and the new version now has completely hand-painted color as well as a soundtrack by the French atmospheric band Air. At the time, we were unsu...


Moviegoers demand refunds because The Artist is silent

I found out that The Artist was a silent film a day before I saw it. I could have very easily gone in completely unaware, which I do think would have bothered me. I would have quickly gotten over it, however, because it's a great movie...


Review: The Artist

[This review was originally posted as part of our coverage of the 2011 New York Film Festival. It has been reposted to coincide with the film's theatrical release.] While I watched The Artist, I found my thoughts constantly being drawn to t...


Air to release A Trip to the Moon score next year

This year's Cannes Film Festival kicked off with a newly restored print of Georges Méliès's A Trip to the Moon, featuring a score by the French music duo Air. Since that time, the band has expanded their score for the sil...


Trailer: The Artist

So this is certainly unique. The Artist is a black and white, silent film about the fall of a silent movie star amidst the rise of sound. It apparently tore the Cannes Film Festival up, prompting it to be purchased for a high pri...


30 minutes of lost Hitchcock movie discovered

The White Shadow, a silent "atmospheric melodrama starring Betty Compson in a dual role as twin sisters, one angelic and the other being ‘without a soul.’" is one of Alfred Hitchcock's earliest contributions to cinema, as h...


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Daniel Isn't Real"Daniel is real good"


Runaways (Season 3)"Not much running in this one"


Red Handed"Snake dancin' and kidnappin'"


Queen & Slim"Ride or die"


The Good Liar"Liar, liar"


White Snake"This one won't fit in your boot!"


21 Bridges"We've crossed this one before"


Varda by Agnes"A life's work, a final chat"




Harley Quinn (Season 1)"No subheading I think of will be as funny as this show"


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"A perfectly pleasant neighbor"


The Dwelling"The bed that doesn't eat"


Frozen 2"Thawing"


Ford v Ferrari"Car Wars"


10 Minutes Gone"Regrettably forgettable"


Recap: The Mandalorian (Season 1, Episode 1)"Star Wars, but with more shooting"


The Shed"It's actually about the vampire inside the shed"


Lady and the Tramp"Wait, this isn't a cash grab?"