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Disney is working on a live-action Snow White too

Since Disney figured out we're willing to spend the same amount of money on retreads (i.e. Maleficent, Cinderella, Pete's Dragon, and The Jungle Book) as we do on original ideas, the newest wave of giving every one of their animated films a...


Order of the Seven gets shelved by Disney

It's been a good year for Snow White. She's one of the lead characters on the successful TV show Once Upon a Time, she was in the not so great Mirror Mirror and she's getting another film released soon in the form of Snow White and the...


Snow White and the Huntsman has a jewlery line, I guess

Nothing says glamorous Hollywood fairytale reboot like the Home Shopping Network! On May 30th for 24 hours, HSN will be selling various goods, loosely related to the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Kirsten Stewart and Charliz...


Trailer: Snow White and the Huntsman

So, I've made a lot of jokes about how ridiculous it is that there's two Snow White movies coming out this year. I mean, it's pretty silly. However, at least I can say that the two movies are doing a decent job of distinguishing themselves...


Trailer: Snow White and the Huntsman

This year's two competing Snow White projects have spun off in totally different directions, but where Tarsem Singh's Mirror Mirror is looking an absolute trainwreck, Snow White And The Huntsman appears increasingly promising. It's fashion...


New look at Collins and Lane in Tarsem's Mirror Mirror

Because of the last group of set photos from Tarsem's Snow White revamp Mirror Mirror, the project is getting a reputation of being over-the-top in both color and stature. However, this new batch of set photos is decidedly more demure in pa...


Trailer: Mirror Mirror

Snow Whiteathon 2012 continues with the first trailer of Tarsem Singh's version of the classic Snow White tale, Mirror Mirror. Unlike Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirror Mirror is bright, cheesy, and evokes a feeling of Tim Burton's A...


New Snow White & The Huntsman poster is fairly groovy

Sneering at the two upcoming Snow White movies has virtually become a spectator sport, with Tarsem Singh's production looking rather twee and Universal's Snow White & The Huntsman starring Bella Swan, aka the never-not-huffy Kristen Ste...


New images for Tarsem's Snow White movie

Tarsem Singh, the acclaimed director of The Fall, is currently working on a Snow White adaption. These new images for the movie were just released and they look like the complete opposite of the other Snow White movie in production, Snow Wh...


Relativity Media makes move into China

Last month, I wrote an article about the difficulties Hollywood faces in exploiting the lucrative Chinese cinemagoing market and how the Communist government are restricting the import of foreign movies. Relativity Media has taken a new app...


The Order of the Seven lands new director

We told you they were coming, but it's possible that with all the news on the other two Snow White tales you forgot about Disney's new adaptation of the starting-to-become-a-cliche fairytale. The Order of the Seven, formerly Snow and the Se...


Fairies are the new Vampires

Remember when Zombies were the new Vampires? Still supernatural, but not of the Universal Studios monster variety. Now The Walking Dead has lost Frank Darabont as its showrunner. Downloadable content for videogames add the undead to histori...


Snow White and the Huntsman now with actor's images

Snow White and the Huntsman is just one of the plethora of Snow White films coming out, but from this character shots it definitely looks to be the one that's taking the fairytale in a pretty different direction. While Tarsem Singh's Snow W...


First image of Lily Collins in Tarsem's Snow White

The first image of the still untitled Snow White project that's being directed by Tarsem Singh has just been released, giving us a first glace at the visuals for the movie. The image shows actress Lily Collins as Snow White dressed in a ver...


Sean Bean cast in Tarsem's Snow White project

I know it's hard to keep all this Snow White movie talk straight, but Sean Bean (I think it's pronounced "seen-bean") has been cast as the King in Tarsem Singh's still-untitled Snow White project. This Snow White movie is completely separat...


All 8 dwarfs have been cast for Snow White and Huntsman

All the dwarfs have officially been cast for Snow White and the Huntsman, now that Nick Frost has been cast to play the young, unbearded Gus. In addition to Frost, the seven other dwarfs are: Ian McShane as Caesar - the eldest, Stephen Grah...


Snow White and the Huntsman will be a trilogy

Because studios love counting their chickens before they hatch, Producer Joe Roth has stated that Universal's upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, their Lord of the Rings-styled take on the classic fairy tale. The film will star Kristen St...


Casting for dwarfs begins for Snow White & the Huntsman

Casting has begun for Snow White and the Huntsman's eight dwarfs. Yes, eight, I'll get to that in a second. The actors being cast are surprisingly not little people, but instead the movie will be following Peter Jackson's example and throug...


First concept art for Tarsem's Snow White

If you've been following my coverage of the dueling Snow White movies in production, you'll remember that the Relativity Media Snow White that's being directed by Tarsem Singh has just started filming. Well, Relativity just released some co...


Dueling Snow Whites: projects updates, script rewrites

Hollywood's two Snow White adaptions keep on . . . going. The dueling Snow White films are being produced by Relativity media and Universal, respectively. The word is that in order to get the jump on Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman,...


Seven Dwarfs cast in Relativity's Snow White

Yesterday we told you that Relativity Media's untitled Snow White film that's being directed by Tarsem Singh bumped up its release date to March 2012. Today, the word is that all seven dwarfs have officially been cast for the film. Check ou...


Tarsem's Snow White to release before Rupert Sanders'

Snow White fans (I know there's millions of you, and you're all ravenous) can expect to see the Tarsem Singh version of the blanche fille sooner than expected. There's another Snow White movie in pre-production, and Hollywood ain't big enou...


Nathan Lane and Robert Emms Join Tarsem's Snow White

We already know some of the casting in Tarsem Singh's latest project Snow White, and now we get to add a few more people into the mix. Tonny award-winner Nathan Lane has officially been cast to play Brighton, the Queen’s - played by J...


Tarsem's Snow White project has casting confirmation

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tarsem has cast the three main parts in his upcoming Snow White project. Confirmed this week were Armie Hammer as The Prince, Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, and, drumroll...Lily Collins as the titular ...


Kristen Stewart is Snow White with Viggo's Huntsman

I honestly can’t keep the number of Snow White-related projects in development straight right now. There’s Tarsem Singh’s 3D Snow White, there’s a TV version with Giniffer Godwin, and finally there’s Snow White...


Tarsem Singh to helm a 3D Snow White film

I won’t fault you if you've lost track of the how many Snow White projects are floating around Hollywood. There's the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman being produced by Universal Pictures, which is rumored to b...


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