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[This contest is now closed! Congrats to our winner - G K! Thanks for reading and look out for more contests soon! -Liz Rugg] Hey there! Do you like Space Nazis? 'Course you do! Who doesn't like malicious groups of Nazis who plot to terrori...


Chewie moving forward with Fanboys director

One of the most interesting choices on the 2011 Black List of unproduced screenplays was Chewie, a look at the creation of Star Wars through the eyes of Peter Mayhew, the actor who played Chewbacca. Kyle Newman, director of Fanboys, acquire...


Trailer: Lockout

"Mr. President, there's been a massive takeover on space prison MS1." What more do you need in a movie? Lockout - in theaters April 13th, stars Guy Pearce as a rough-and-tumble ex-government agent who, when the president's daughter gets ki...


Doug Trumbull thinks 48fps is for babies, shoots at 120

Much earlier in the year, we brought you news that director Doug Trumbull would be joining the likes of James Cameron and Peter Jackson into the new era of shooting at 48 frames per second (or perhaps even 60). As it turns out, he's done wi...


Star Wars Retrospective: Introduction

Today, the Star Wars saga has been released on Blu-Ray amidst a sea of controversy over yet another round of changes, courtesy of George Lucas, that range from practical and useful to maddeningly stupid. The whole thing put me in this ...


Movie timeline infographic predicts the future

There are a lot of movies that take place in the future, both near and distant. If movies have taught me anything, we will have hoverboards in four years as a reward for surviving next year's apocalypse, and my city will be a lawless island...


Trailer: Apollo 18

After a juggling of release dates and two previous trailers, the final trailer for Apollo 18 has been released. It's a bit similar to the second trailer, but instead of talking about the unknown Moon Menace (I am totally calling it that no...


Duncan Jones' next film could be his last sci-fi entry

I can say with confidence that the majority of the Flixist editors were huge fans of Duncan Jones' directorial debut, Moon. His sophomore effort, Source Code, wasn't as amazing as his debut, but it was still one of the better spring release...


Apollo 18 delayed for the fifth time

Remember that film that was a found footage space horror that was supposed to come out back in March but then got pushed to April only to be pushed all the way to 2012 before returning back to August 26 2011? Well I believe once u...


Trailer: Iron Sky

Alternate history narratives tend to be really absurd and out there. Iron Sky has no problem sticking true to this tradition. The general synopsis is this: There are Nazis who escaped World War II by flying into space. They plan on returni...


New Sinbad movie trilogy from Sinbad: Rogue of Mars comic

Bluewater Entertainment is at it again! They seem to have a knack for pumping out comics about hot trends and cashing in, so it was surprising to hear that they dug up the old Sinbad trilogy. Sinbad: Rogue of Mars will both continue the pr...


Trailer #2: Battle: Los Angeles

Last month I showed everyone this trailer debut for Battle: Los Angeles, the movie that has had a few legal battles of its own with Skyline. The very next day a blurry international trailer came out with foreign subtitles over the English...


Review: Skyline

As someone who has a lot of friends with film degrees – but doesn’t actually have one of his own – it’s hard to imagine what all goes into perfecting a movie in post production. I can’t pinpoint exactly how the audio and video ne...


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