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Good trailer, bad movie: the films we were duped into seeing

Have you ever watched a trailer that got you excited about a movie? I hope so, seeing as that is their main purpose. It's supposed to get you excited and bring you into the theater, right? It's such a rewarding feeling when the goodwill tha...


Joe Wright slams Sucker Punch over female empowerment

At a sneak peak of his latest film, Hanna, at last week’s Wondercon in San Francisco, director Joe Wright called out Zach Snyder’s flick Sucker Punch, calling its female empowerment “bullsh-t”. Speaking with Movielin...


Watch the first six minutes of Sucker Punch

It's not much of a secret that Flixist, for the large part, did not care for Sucker Punch. Apparently, much of America is echoing that sentiment, as it had a surpisingly weak opening weekend. In an attempt to raise some more interest, Warn...


Flixist Podcast, Ep 15: Lumps & Humps

There is no getting around it. We spent the majority of this episode speaking of Sucker Punch. What I am trying to say is to expect spoilers for that movie. But fear not, if you have not seen that movie and wish to see it without any spoil...


Review: Sucker Punch

I want to tell you a story about one of my dogs. Chewbacca was my mother’s dog through and through. You know how dogs are in a family. Sometimes, there’s just the one person that’s their person. That was Chewie and Mom. On...


Trailer: Sucker Punch "The Trenches" animated short

In conjunction with the upcoming release of Sucker Punch, Zack Snyder collaborated with animator Ben Hibbon and animation company Splastk to create a motion comic short entitled The Trenches. Told from the perspective of a faceless soldier...


Disney Punch combines Disney and Zack Snyder bad-assery

I've never been much into the whole Disney princess scene. Maybe it's due in part to the fact that I have  penis, but that whole section of Disney seemed rather tame and obnoxious to me. I, by all means, am not a feminist, but th...


Trailer #2: Sucker Punch

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Zack Snyder sucks. His writing always sucks, and his direction is entirely mediocre, with his action direction sliiightly better than the rest. So that’s one thing this new tr...


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