Top 5 Movies of Sundance 2020

The landscape of Sundance has changed dramatically over the past years thanks to the emerging world of streaming. The Netflixs, Amazons, and Hulus have allowed for so many opportunities for indies to be seen and shared across the world.&nbs...


Sundance Review: Downhill

The choice to remake a foreign language film into an Americanized version is at the surface quite problematic. There are however a few good examples of past endeavors, like The Departed and The Ring. But the truth of the matter is there are...


Sundance Review: Wendy

The year was 2012 and in the mountains of Park City, Utah a small independent film with unknown actors, a first time director, and an intriguing title captured the entire festival and would go on to land a Best Picture nomination and even a...


Sundance favorite Late Night sets its release date

Late Night was the most crowd pleasing, entertaining film of last month's Sundance Film Festival and this June it is slated to win over the country as Amazon plans to release its prized acquisition nationwide June 7, 2019.  Late Night...


The Top 5 Movies of Sundance 2019

119 movies were lucky to be selected as part of the 2019 edition of the Sundance Film Festival. Of the 119, I was able to watch 15. 15 films in four and half days isn't anything to be ashamed of, but it might have been higher if I didn't go...


Sundance: The Best Fest of the Rest

There is no festival like the Sundance Film Festival! I’ve been to several film festivals across the world and they all pale in comparison to the energy, quality and enjoyment experienced in the mountains of Park City, Utah. The 2019 ...


First trailer for Sci-Fi drama I Origins looks interesting

I Origins is a new Sci-Fi movie from Another Earth director Mike Cahill. It follows the story of Ian Gray, (Michael Pitt) a scientist who meets and falls in love with a mysterious woman (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey) with striking eyes. Th...

Mister & Pete Trailer photo

Trailer: The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete may not have received the greatest buzz from the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, but I'm staying relatively optimistic. This newest trailer for the film may paint it as overtly melodrama...


Trailer: Dirty Wars

Dirty Wars is a Sundance selected documentary by director Richard Rowley which seeks to shed light on the extremely covert operations of the United States government's Joint Special Operations Command. Dirty Wars follows investigative repo...


Trailer: Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes

Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes stars Kaya Scodelario as a troubled young girl who starts baby sitting for her new neighbor Linda (Jessica Biel) who bares a striking resemblance to her deceased mother.  The film has gained some not...


Trailer: An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty is a gorgeous looking indie film by Terence Nance that has been running the festival circuit under the radar for the past year, and I don't really understand why. The film looks visually stunning, and th...


Trailer: Before Midnight

The third installment in Richard Linklater's series of movies -- which include indie darlings Before Sunrise and Before Sunset -- Before Midnight finds characters Celine and Jesse (played by Julie Deply and Ethan Hawke) in their early 40s ...


Catdance Film Festival: best cat-inspired film fest

At this year's Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Fresh Step brand cat litter hosted an event they called Catdance Film Festival 2013. They screened real short films - all about cats - which the internet is invited to vote on at th...

Dayani Cristal Review photo

Sundance Review: Who is Dayani Cristal?

Black Adidas, beige khakis, and a Spanish prayer in pocket. Another immigrant lays dead in the Sonora Desert -- the 20 minute drive turned deadly walk that separates Arizona from the southern border. Who is Dayani Cristal? unravels the tale...


Trailer: Upstream Color

This full trailer for Upstream Color - the anticipated, forthcoming film from director Shane Carruth - seems to give the film a broad sense of transience and fluidity, with hints of violence and unease. A lot of people, including myself, a...


Trailer: I Am Not A Hipster

I Am Not A Hipster is a moody indie drama darling from this year's Sundance Film Festival. The story follows Brook, a talented, aspiring musician who kind of falls apart after his mother dies. His three sisters and estranged father come to...


Teaser Trailer: Upstream Color

There's a new teaser trailer out for Upstream Color, the long-awaited second film from Shane Carruth, writer/director of Primer. Like the first teaser trailer, this new one is incredibly cryptic, though it highlights the central relationsh...


Teaser: Upstream Color

Just last week we shared a poster and some stills from Upstream Color, the new film from Shane Carruth, the writer/director of Primer. A teaser for Upstream Color was just released today, and it looks very cool and really unsettling. Alrea...


Trailer: Liberal Arts

Kids, the autumn that I met your mother, I was only planning on returning to my alma mater for my favorite professor's retirement party. I was thirty-five, and life hadn't exactly led me where I expected it to. Then, there she was: ninetee...


Trailer: Goats

In Goats, Graham Phillips stars as Ellis, a young boy who was raised by his eccentric, new age mother in rural Arizona with her live-in boyfriend Goat Man (David Duchovny) - who is in fact a goat shepherd. Ellis' world gets turned upside-d...


Trailer: Why Stop Now

I always pictured Jesse Eisenberg as an actor we'd see crop up in very select roles that were mostly dramatic, but ever since The Social Network he's basically been on a stretch of indie comedies that aren't all that great. Maybe Why Stop ...


Trailer: Robot and Frank

The trailer for Robot and Frank is now out, and while Hubert didn't walk away too fond of the movie at a Sundance screening last winter, I think this trailer is pretty cute. Featuring the lovably cranky Frank Langella as a retired criminal...


New photos for Beasts of the Southern Wild

Beasts of the Southern Wild has been making the festival rounds and cleaning up wherever it goes. It won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Dramatic Film and the Excellence in Cinematography Award at this year's Sundance, and it was an official ...


UPDATED: Trailer: West of Memphis

[UPDATE: Yesterday I misreported that West of Memphis director Amy Berg had not seen the Paradise Lost films by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. That was not true. Berg was first contacted by Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson about West of Mem...


Peter Jackson trying to clear names of West Memphis Three

When the West Memphis Three were released from prison last year, I watched their live press conference in happy disbelief. I'd been aware of their case my entire adult life thanks to the first Paradise Lost documentary, and finally after 18...


Trailer: Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here is the opening film for Sundance's World Cinema Dramatic Competition. It was written and directed by Kieran Darcy-Smith and marks his feature-length debut behind the lens. Here's a brief glimpse of the plot: Four friend...


Trailer: Margin Call

Margin Call is one of the many films that debuted at Sundance that I kept hearing good things about, and if this trailer is any indication, it appears that good word of mouth was spot on. The film is a financial thriller, taking place over...


Trailer: Bellflower

Bellflower has been gaining attention since the movie was a hit at both the Sundance and SXSW film festivals. This new trailer for it sure makes it seem very . . . fiery! You can read the full description of the film below the jump, but it...


Trailer: A Little Help

Jenna Fischer (The Office) is starring in an upcoming dramedy entitled A Little Help. Originally debuting at last year's Sundance Film Festival, the film is preparing for a wider release this June. Apple just released a new trailer in prepa...


Trailer: Martha Marcy May Marlene

Wow. I just finished watching the trailer for Martha Marcy May Marlene and... wow. The highly-acclaimed Sundance film stars the missing Olsen sister in her breakout role as the eponymous character. The trailer is just a complete mindgasm o...


Flix for Short: Old Fangs

Flix for Short is Flixist's way of showing off awesome short films we find around the web. Do you have a favorite short you saw? Why not tell us about it in our Cblogs? We'd love to see what short films you can make and find! Cartoon Sa...


Unofficial Hesher trailer causes controversy

Joseph Gordon-Levitt sprawled out on a couch in only his underwear while he smokes and lets his straggly hair fall past his shoulders is certainly a much different image of him than most of his new fans are used to, but if you stretch back...


Paddy Considine leads Brit success at Sundance

Paddy Considine is one of the most acclaimed British character actors of his generation, having starred in such a wide variety of films as In America, My Summer of Love, Dead Man's Shoes, Hot Fuzz,the exceptional Red Riding trilogy and the...


Beastie Boys releasing short film with big comedy actors

The Beastie Boys, everybody’s favorite white boy rapping trio, are releasing a short film adaptation/remake/sequel of their 1987 music video, "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)." In the video, the Boys crash a party, allo...


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