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Contest: Win a Super 8 poster and hat

UPDATE: A WINNER IS YOU (MAYBE)! CLICK THROUGH THE JUMP TO SEE IF YOU WON! Although, you should already know you won because I contacted you via the site's PM or Twitter. BUT IN CASE YOU DIDN'T GET A TWEET/PM FROM ME AND YOUR NAME IS ON THI...


Flixclusive Interview: Ryan Lee (Super 8)

Super 8 is my most anticipated movie of the summer. Combining the intrigue that typically surrounds J.J. Abrams' films with the scope that Steven Spielberg is known for, Super 8 is destined to be one of the most talked about movie experienc...


Review: Super 8

You’ve seen the teaser and trailer to Super 8, if not intentionally then cut up into commercial breaks every hour on the television hour. The plot is as straightforward as these things get. A train wreck in a small town frees a monste...


Movie Debate to the Death! Best J.J. Abrams film?

In the last debate I gave everyone time to watch the new Pirates of the Caribbean film, and now that we've all seen On Stranger Tides -- or chosen not to -- the votes are final. I expected one of the four films to win by landslide, but hope...


New retro, illustrated Super 8 poster

Are you excited about Super 8 yet? Did you get into one of those preview screenings? If you're one of the goofballs who's still on the fence about seeing this Spielberg/J.J. Abrams monster movie, maybe (juuuust maybe) this new illustrated p...


Want to see Super 8 early for free?

Over the past week, there have been a lot of tweets about the "Super8Secret" that I have largely ignored because most of the Super 8 viral stuff has been unlocking 6 second video clips of nothing. Today, though, the Super 8 Secret was ...


Watch the lead up to Super 8's fantastic train wreck

That's a literal train wreck, mind. Every early indicator says that Super 8 is going to be a doozy. Anyway, this clip from Super 8 shows the young stars of the film preparing to make their movie at a near...


Ryan Lee sheds light on Super 8 audition process

I recently had the opportunity to interview Ryan Lee, one of the young stars for the upcoming Super 8. If you've read our summer movie preview, you know how excited I am for the film. J.J. Abrams is known for his secretive approach to writi...


Trailer: Super 8 (MTV Movie Awards)

The MTV Movie Awards aired last night, and like any self respecting man who values his sanity, I skipped it. While everyone was fawning over the new Twilight trailer and watching Ryan Gosling and Taylor Lautner face hump each other while h...


A few new Super 8 photos

Even though it is one of Flixist's most anticipated movies of the Summer, Super 8 continues to be shrouded in mystery. As if to taunt us even more, some new stills from the movie were released. They don't necessarily give away much informat...


Interactive Super 8 movie trailer in Portal 2 game

Valve's much anticipated Portal 2 just came out, and it has a surprise movie tie-in! The game features an interactive, in other words - playable, trailer for the upcoming J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg movie Super 8. Apparently you can re...


Super awesome Super 8 poster revealed

The first official poster for J.J. Abrams' upcoming film Super 8 was released today, the same day as the film's first official trailer. It seems like a lot of people are excited about his film and I can see why, Abrams' art direction is pre...


Trailer: Super 8

  Is it too early for me to jump on the Super 8 bandwagon? If anything, I've been riding this gravy train since the J.J. Abrams-written/directed film was announced. Today, the first full trailer was released and MAN, I'm so excited for...


J.J. Abrams speaks up about his mysterious film Super 8

Even though we've known about the existence of Super 8 for a while now, director J.J. Abrams has kept his mouth shut about the production, lending an air of mystery to its development. Rumors circulated about a sci-fi monster film from the ...


Trailer: Super 8

Here's the first trailer for J.J. Abrams's Super 8. It's only thirty seconds of footage, but it's a bit of an odd trailer. We've got some serious carnage going on, stuff exploding, people going crazy, and the music sounds like something ou...


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