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Thoughts on the Oscars photo

What did you think of the 86th Academy Awards?

Bit late this week because reasons (same ones that explain why my video quality is so terrible), but opinions never die, so whatever! Although most of us have probably already forgotten that the Oscars happened a mere 6 days ago, there are...

Favorite Harold Ramis photo

What is your favorite Harold Ramis film?

Monday's news that Harold Ramis has passed was both shocking and extremely depressing. The kind of sadness that can only really be combated by watching a Harold Ramis film (which can in and of itself make things worse, but that's an unfort...

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Favorite Remakes photo

What is your favorite movie remake?

In honor of the Robocop remake that I still haven't seen yet but is apparently pretty good, this week, members of the Flixist staff took to their cameras to talk about their favorite remakes. (Spoiler: nobody said Robocop.) Once you'v...

Worst Date Movies photo

What is the worst date movie?

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Some of you are watching this video because you have nothing else to do today, and others are terrified that they're going to show their significant other the wrong thing and end their nights on a sour note...

Theatrical Re-Releases photo

What do you think of theatrical re-releases?

Theatrical re-releases are a big thing nowadays. Whether it's Oscar-hopefuls like Gravity and Captain Phillips returning to theaters to score some mindshare or big events like the 4K projection of Lawrence of Arabia, missing a mo...

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Guilty Pleasures photo

What is your guiltiest movie pleasure?

I don't like the term "guilty pleasure," because I feel like everyone should totally own the things that they like. That being said, there are certain tastes that I don't shout from the rooftops, and all but the most socially-inept have th...

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Most Anticipated 2014 photo

What's your most anticipated film of 2014?

We're done looking at the past, and now it's time to look to the future. This week, various Flixist writers have looked into video cameras and talked about the films that they expect to blow them away in 2014. Obviously we've missed a lot&...

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Favorite Film of 2013 photo

What was your favorite movie of 2013?

Our final retrospective The (Movie) Question for the year is a look at our favorite films of 2013. Note that these are not necessarily the best films of 2013 (my pick, for example, is only my number 6 overall for the year), just ones that ...

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Best/Worst Trend of 2013 photo

What was the best (or worst) movie trend of 2013?

In our second week of 2013 video retrospection, the Flixist staff considers the trends that were found in last year's movies. Some people (like myself) focused on all of the terrible and negative things that films seemed to cling to, while...

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Favorite Experience 2013 photo

What was your favorite movie experience of 2013?

Happy 2014 everybody. To celebrate the new year, we look backwards at our favorite movie experiences of 2013. This is, in fact, the rebirth of The (Movie) Question. We know that there is no longer any counterpart at Dtoid and we could ...

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Most Anticipated 2013? photo

What is your most anticipated film for the rest of 2013?

To follow up with our preview of what's coming in the next few months, four of the Flixist staff have taken to their cameras to talk about their most-looked-forward film(s) of the rest of 2013. There's some pretty good stuff left to play, ...

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The (Movie) Question photo

How often do you watch movies?

Not much to say about this question. It really is pretty self explanatory. So let us know in the comments below how often you watch movies, and then like the video subscribe to our YouTube channel, and if you've already done that then make...

The (Movie) Question photo

What do you think of Ben Affleck as the Batman?

Remember when Warner Bros. announced that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel? Feels like it was only a week ago... Anyways, the internet went totally goddamn insane, and we decided against making it ...

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Favorite Cornetto Flavor photo

What is your favorite film in the Cornetto Trilogy?

Unfortunately there weren't a lot of responses this week, but the show must go on. With The World's End's imminent release, I thought it would be a good idea to see what people thought so far. Two of us have seen The World's End ...

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Rewarding Originality photo

Do you make more of an effort to see original films?

It's kind of a cliche to say that nothing original comes from Hollywood, but everything that comes out of Hollywood is cliche, so I don't feel all that bad about saying it. But that's partially our fault. Movies like Elysium and Pacific Ri...

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Expectations vs enjoyment photo

How do prior expecations affect your enjoyment of films?

A bit late this week, due to failed internet and other things, but here we are! No real pressing news this week, so we went broad. Our culture is so media-centric that we're inundated with opinions constantly. I mean, you're here, reading ...

Celebrity Kickstarters photo

What do you think of celebrity Kickstarters?

A day late, but all the better for it. Inspired by the news of Spike Lee's weird Kickstarter pitch (and to a lesser extent the Zach Braff and Veronica Mars successes that preceded it), the Flixist staff took to their cameras to explain why...

The (Movie) Question photo

Does Batman have a place in Snyder's Superman universe?

With the next Man of Steel film confirmed to be featuring Batman (and potentially being called Batman vs. Superman), it seemed only appropriate to ask whether or not that makes any sense. The world that Zack Snyder and his team have create...

Creator Accountability photo

Should works be held accountable for creators' views?

Inspired by the Ender's Game controversy, the Flixist staff take to their webcams to talk about whether or not they believe films (and other artistic works) should be held accountable for the views of their creators. Orson Scott Card's vie...

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So. Many. Blockbusters. photo

Are we getting too many blockbusters?

With the release of Pacific Rim imminent (and the news that it's tracking more poorly than Grown Ups 2), it seemed fitting to discuss how we feel about blockbusters in 2013. Are there always as many as there were this year? I don't kn...

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The (Movie) Question photo

How much are you willing to pay for a movie ticket?

So... you may have been expecting a question related to the whole 4th of July thing that's pretty popular right now, but like a good American I totally forgot that it was coming up until two days prior, when I already had received the vide...

R-Rated Children photo

Should kids be allowed into R-rated movies?

Sorry we're a day late, folks, but festival season has officially kicked off and that makes scheduling everything else much more difficult. Next week we should be back on track. To make up for our lateness, we've got a fuller cast than usu...

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Is Superman Dead Inside? photo

Has Superman lost his soul?

Critically, the reception to Zack Snyder's Man of Steel has been all over the place. Although the Rotten Tomatoes consensus says that it is "mostly successful" (something corroborated by our review), it is nonetheless considered Rotten, wi...


Should films be changed in response to real-world events?

Low turnout this week, but The (Movie) Question moves forever forward. And it really had to, because this week we unveil the new introduction animation created by community member Jordan Mann, who is awesome. Also, it's in HD. So that's co...

The (Movie) Question photo

Are movie trailers too long?

Here we are with another installment of The (Movie) Question! They said we couldn't do it, but we did it anyway. That being said, we didn't do a lot of things we were hoping for, like get it up in HD, but hopefully next week that will happ...

The (Movie) Question photo

What is your favorite way to watch a movie?

Today is a very special day. Today we unveil our low-quality rip-off of The Question, a videogame-themed weekly thing run by our sister site, Destructoid, where the staff answers some pertinent question and then puts it out there for the c...


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