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Christopher Nolan's Tenet will receive an IMAX prologue

Christopher Nolan loves IMAX and IMAX loves Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan has been using IMAX cameras for small portions of filming starting with The Dark Knight and he's moved up to shooting the majority of certain movies with them....


Flixist on YouTube - Top 3 Third Films in A Franchise

We can all agree John Wick 3 rocked the box office and all of our minds with Parabellum as the 3rd entry into the franchise. But how rare is it for a third film in a franchise to be so good? I answer that question with the latest edition to...


Christopher Nolan is remastering his past films in 4K

4K videos, televisions and games are all the rage nowadays, and for good reason. It's this decades improvement of SD to HD, and the jump in picture quality from HD to 4K is noticeable, giving pictures a realistic quality that is unbeatable....


Watch: BaneCat - a villainous cat that torments his owner

The Dark Knight Rises' evil Batman antagonist Bane has one of the most recognizable and most fun to parody voices ever. Enter: BaneCat, a short video about a villainous cat who torments his owner. It's a pretty funny little short, and the ...


Flixistentialism 03 - CrazySexyEctoCooler

Though I somehow managed to misplace the first 10 minutes of the show (it might be under a couch cushion), we still got a jam packed bro's night out of a podcast. We discuss Geoff's specific type of dyslexia, my secret desire to do opium an...


Rumour: Joseph-Gordon Levitt as Justice League's Batman?

I'm going to assume everyone who wanted to see The Dark Knight Rises has seen it by now, so won't be skirting around spoilers - as though the headline hadn't given everything away already. At the end of the movie, Christian Bale's Bruce Way...


Get a glimpse of Tom Hardy's transformation into Bane

Tom Hardy's Bane proved to be a capable foil to Christian Bale's Batman, strange accent aside, and I don't think anyone who isn't familiar with what Hardy looks like would recognize him as the the bulky bad-guy, even if you had two pictures...


Three unused posters for The Dark Knight Rises

With The Dark Knight Rises hitting DVD and Blu-ray on December 4th, the last thing you'd expect would be some new poster art. (Well, that and the Spanish Inquisition.) The marketing/advertising firm Trailer Park showed off three unused post...


NYCC: Inside The Batmobile panel

On Friday at the New York Comic Con, there was a world premiere screening of The Batmobile, an hour-long documentary about Batman's most wonderful of wonderful toys. A half-hour version of the documentary aired earlier this year on the CW. ...


No extended/director's cut for The Dark Knight Rises

Those rumors about an extended cut of The Dark Knight Rises just got nuked. People close to Christopher Nolan have stated that there are no plans to release an extended cut of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray. They also state that no extend...


Rumor: Dark Knight Rises director's cut on Blu-Ray

At 165 minutes, The Dark Knight Rises was the longest of Christopher Nolan's Batman films. There's a rumor from the site Nuke the Fridge that the movie may be getting 30 minutes longer on Blu-Ray. The reintegrated footage would include more...


Win the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack on vinyl!

Congratulations to Valerie Minnich! As tends to be the case with Nolan's Batmovies, I've been listening to the soundtrack for The Dark Knight Rises a fair amount over the past month and a half. It's pretty awesome pump-me-up music befo...


Batman Maybe

This is brilliant. I usually hate popular song parodies, but this... This isn't the Carlie Rae Jepsen parody we need, this is the Carlie Rae Jepsen parody we deserve. Oh, and, uh, SPOILERS for the three of you who still haven't seen T...


IMAX, 35mm, The Dark Knight Rises, and you

Four years ago I went to the local IMAX theater to see The Dark Knight. It was the first mainstream film shot partially in IMAX, and I knew I couldn't see it any other way. And it completely blew me away. I'd seen documentaries about Everes...


Flixist Movie Club/Batcast: The Dark Knight Risescast

[Note: I could not, for the life of me, find an author or outlet that claims responsibility for this header image. If you know the artist or organization that produced this image, please let me know in the comments so I can give proper cred...


Dark Knight's Gotham City officially mapped

Batman's hometown of Gotham City has always been a nebulous area, never really getting an official location. Originally it was basically a renamed New York City, but then it was sort of right next to New York, and now DC treats it as part o...


Thoughts on the inevitable Batman reboot

So the Dark Knight saga has come to a close, the anticipation has been quelled, expectations have been met -- possibly even exceeded -- and everyone can go home satisfied in the knowledge that there will never need to be another Batman movi...


More new images from The Dark Knight Rises

You can feel the anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises building this week, from every nostalgic viewing of the previous Christopher Nolan Batman movies to every irrational threat made against film critics who didn't care for the forthcomin...


New Mondo poster for The Dark Knight Rises

Do you love Mondo posters? Of course you do. You're no communist heathen. Luckily for you, Mondo has a new poster for The Dark Knight Rises. It is horizontal, which I think is pretty interesting for movie posters in general, and it features...


Hear the entire Dark Knight Rises soundtrack now

If you're not yet super excited for The Dark Knight Rises, maybe you should consider pumping some Hans Zimmer into your belligerent little earholes. Empire's posted the film's score, allowing you an auditory journey through the final chapte...


Christopher Nolan done with DC Comics movies

As if there were any doubt in our minds, Chris Nolan has announced that he's completely done with the Batman franchise, and will not be working on a Justice League movie for Warners. This news comes from a Dark Knight Rises junket, with the...


13 minute Dark Knight Rises featurette aims to amaze

Holy crap, guys, The Dark Knight Rises is in theaters next Friday. It's the film many of us have been aching to see since first stepping out of The Dark Knight four years ago. Four years ago, I was unmarried, still in college, an...


DKR poster for midnight IMAX shows is bright and hopeful!

I'm going to sit here and be nice and unhappy that all of the legit 70mm IMAX theaters in Los Angeles sold out their midnight tickets for The Dark Knight Rises back in goddamned January, because it means I can't catch this flick in IMA...


Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

The newest full length trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, possibly the most anticipated movie of the year, does underwhelm a touch, I must admit. Granted, I think at this point we've got pretty absurdly lofty expectations for this picture,...


Make a Dark Knight Rises TV spot for Nolan to judge

A while ago there was contest for people to design a Dark Knight Rises t-shirt. Christopher Nolan and producer Emma Thomas picked the top entries. With the film fast approaching, there's a new contest asking for fans to create their own 25 ...


Dark Knight Rises ticket scalpers hope you're naive

The Dark Knight Rises hype continues to mount, with samples from Hans Zimmer's score, TV spots and images, and betterment through hot dogs. Tix went on sale last week, and as Screen Crush and The Playlist point out, scalpers are trying to ...


Listen to samples of Zimmer's The Dark Knight Rises score

Below the jump you can take an early listen to some of the score of Christopher Nolan's upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, which is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. The score was composed by Hans Zimmer, who, if you don't alre...


New Dark Knight Rises pics and TV spot are Batman-y

The hype machine is just going to keep ratcheting up as July 20th approaches and The Dark Knight Rises hits. Earlier in the week we had the new Dark Knight Rises footage shown at the MTV Movie Awards, and the recent TV spot above notes tha...


The Dark Knight Rises: better with hot dogs

The Dark Knight Rises joins the exclusive club "Better as a Hot Dog" with Ryan Hotdogosling. The folks at Sausage Party (hee) have remade one of the Dark Knight Rises trailers, and yes, everyone's a hot dog. Between this and the ...


Christopher Nolan says Batman is the biggest talkie ever

I think we all know that The Dark Knight Rises is going to be huge. Really, really huge. But if Christopher Nolan's recent statements about the film don't turn out to be hyperbole, then we are in for something absolutely insane. But I doubt...


AMC announces Dark Knight Rises run time, marathon

The Dark Knight Rises will be 2 hours and 45 minutes, so says AMC. For comparison, Batman Begins was 2 hours 20 minutes, The Dark Knight was 2 hours 32 minutes, and Dr. Phibes Rises Again was 1 hour 28 minutes. AMC also announced a Dark Kni...


New clips for The Dark Knight Rises from MTV Movie Awards

[UPDATE: The footage is no longer available. In its place is the the show segment featuring Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt] If you were watching the MTV Movie Awards last night, you might have seen the new clip for T...


Warner Bros. pushed for DiCaprio as Riddler

Spurred on as I was by fan-made posters depicting beguiling actors such as David Tennant, Jude Law, or Johnny Depp in the role, I became quite enamored with the idea of The Dark Knight Rises offering a realistic take on the Riddler cha...


Most recent TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises

As July draws closer and closer, we're getting a few more TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises, and they're revealing little snippets of the plot. I alluded to the spots in the comments of yesterday's post on Christian Bale and a fourth Batm...


New Dark Knight Rises banners shout COME AT ME BRO!

At this point, all The Dark Knight Rises needs is to occasionally remind people they'll need to be plunking down their $15-$18 come July for those IMAX tickets. I don't think there's anyone left in the adolescent-to-adult movie-going p...


Dark Knight Rises poster tries, fails to ape previous one

There's a new poster for The Dark Knight Rises, just released via the film's official Facebook page, and it reminds me a lot of one of the posters released for the film's predecessor, The Dark Knight. I've included both posters in the ...


New images from The Dark Knight Rises arise

While The Avengers continues to dominate the box office like Squirrel Girl overwhelming Dr. Doom, some new images have surfaced from The Dark Knight Rises. They include Batman, Bane, and Catwoman looking concerned, and a little behind-the-s...


Seriously guys, Marion Cotillard isn't Talia al Ghul

Having to repeat things is annoying. We reported this story over a year ago, but apparently some people didn't listen to us. Instead, they put their fingers in their ears and shouted "LALALALALALA." Unfortunately for Marion Cotillard, that ...


Dark Knight Rises shirts are $50, gaudy

Feel like dropping half a hundo to look like a created skater in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland? Warner Bros. has unveiled a showcase of official Dark Knight Rises wear, featuring one shirt that looks like it's from a comic book and ab...


Final Dark Knight Rises trailer attached to Avengers

My review for the UK release of The Avengers - or Marvel Avengers Assemble, as the marketing department is trying to get Brits to call it - will be up by the end of the week, but while you Yanks will have to wait a little longer for the cli...


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