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In defense of jump scares in movies

There's nothing worse than a horror movie that isn't scary. When the entire purpose of your movie is to scare people and you fail to do that, then it's hard to deny that the movie completely failed at its job. There can be a lot of reason w...


Jamie Bell as Fantastic Four's Thing revealed

After the tease was released for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot there really was only one thing left for us to wonder about: how The Thing was going to look. Wonder no more. Empire has released the first look at Jamie Bell's thing, whic...


I wish this fake ad for The Thing toys was real

I had the pleasure of seeing The Thing for the first time on the big screen a couple weeks back (on 35mm, no less), and like most of you, the film left me with one lasting thought: "Gee, I wish that toy companies had properly monetize...


Mondo teams w/ Drew Struzan for Thing screen print

About a month ago we highlighted Jay Shaw's Rocky III Mondo poster as part of The Alamo Drafthouse's Summer of 1982 film series. This Friday, they're showing John Carpenter's The Thing, and as a special treat, Mondo has some limited edition...


Dawn of the Dead sequel is, umm, dead

Remember all those rumblings of a sequel to the Zack Snyder remake of Dawn of the Dead titled Dead Rising 2 Army of the Dead? You know, it's the one about a father who must traverse through a zombie infested Las Vegas in an effort to rescue...


Flix for Short: Pingu's The Thing

The Thing is tied with David Cronenberg's The Fly as my favorite horror movie. The bleakness, strangeness, and paranoia gets under my skin, and those creature and make-up effects by Rob Bottin are still better than most effects today....


Interview: Kim Bubbs, The Thing

Yesterday, I spoke with actress Kim Bubbs about her role in The Thing, the prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 classic. The Thing releases tomorrow, and you'll be able to read our review of it bright and early. I also got to talk with her...


The Thing: The Musical delivers what you've always wanted

Have you ever woke up one morning and thought to yourself "Man, I really wish a musical about The Thing was really a thing". Have you also thought "I wish said musical was told from the prospective of The Thing and done in the croner styli...


Red band trailer: The Thing

And here we are with a potentially NSFW trailer for the remake/reboot/prequel/dumb The Thing. You know, I was cautiously excited for this flick. As a big fan of John Carpenter's work, more The Thing can only be good, right? Boy was I ...


New clip from The Thing shows a thing in an ice block

A new clip from The Thing has surfaced on MTV and it showcases Mr. Eko, er, Adwale Akinnuoye-Abaje, essentially staring at an ice block for 40 seconds. The last few seconds, however, are the meat of the clip as they reveal a flash of what ...


New poster for The Thing that's a prequel to The Thing

You know The Thing that's a prequel to The Thing that's a remake of The Thing (From Another World) and spawned the absolute best film to video game adaptation/sequel The Thing? Well, that thing now has a poster (YAY POSTERS!). I'm usually h...


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