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Tommy Wiseau teases Big Shark as his next directing effort

Tommy Wiseau, director and star of the cult classic The Room is back in the driver's seat after what I would declare was much too long an absence. If only he made a few more movies before being "discovered" by bad movie hounds for his biza...


Review: Best F(r)iends (Volume 1)

This is a hard movie to review. It isn’t ‘good’, but I loved it. If you’re a fan of The Room, it retains that film’s oddball charm without it feeling forced. It barely makes sense and its slow pacing makes me w...


Tommy Wiseau starring in upcoming Scary Love

Tommy Wiseau, a man known for making a movie all on his own without any vision or preparation or any idea what he was doing and somehow pulling it off, will be bringing his singular personality to a new project sometime in the future. After...


Ladies and gentlemen: Tommydactyl Wiseau

This was taken last Friday night at a midnight screening of The Room, attended by myself, Dre, and Dre's girlfriend Elyse. Click the gallery for the full picture. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Rumors: Wiseau the vampire, the hostage-taker, the genius

How many Tommy Wiseau rumors can you handle at once? I'm about to test your limits. Let's do this. I'll start with what I shall term the Vampire Rumor, designated such because of its inclusion of vampires. We've actually heard Tommy speak o...


Flixclusive interview with Tommy Wiseau

Mars. What does Mars mean to you? Is it simply the stuff of science fiction: a place of endless mystery and intrigue, where imagination is your only ticket to the wonders that rest on its dusty red surface? Or is it something more? Is it a...


Please pardon our dust. We're upgrading!

If you remember this dude in the header, you've been around Flixist since our first days. Right now, our tireless team of coders and computer ne'er-do-wells are working to upgrade the site. Right now, it looks like someone tossed it into a ...


More Crazy 4 Cult 5 previews

Earlier in the week, Gallery 1988 released some images previewing its 5th annual Crazy 4 Cult show in Los Angeles, California. Well, now they have released a whole bunch more images from the upcoming show to preview! There is a painting by ...


Prepare for The Room with Wiseau's short film

I bet you were under the impression that no one would ever let Tommy Wiseau -- director, writer and star of this upcoming Saturday Cinema's film, The Room -- ever create another movie again. But the world is a wonderful place, and just las...


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