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TIFF 2018 winners announced

It’s the moment all of Toronto (well, Film Twitter at least) has been waiting for: Toronto International Film Festival has announced its winners. The festival, which ran between 5-15 September, has seen the world premieres of the...

Man of Tai Chi Review photo

Review: Man of Tai Chi

Most press screenings are pretty stodgy as far as audience reaction goes, even for comedies. When people laugh, it's often the very polite and quiet kind -- almost private -- a synonym for, "Oh my, how absolutely drôle." When wat...


Flix for Short: Noah

Noah debuted as part of the Toronto International Film Festival this year and garnered plenty of buzz as a creative short. It's easy to see why as it's go a great gimmick that the entire film's plot plays out over the many social netw...


Eli Roth's Green Inferno sequel already green lit

While Eli Roth's cannibal horror film The Green Inferno just debuted over the weekend at the Toronto Film Festival news has already been released that the movie will be getting a sequel called Beyond the Green Inferno. Supposedly there...


Trailer: I Declare War

When I was younger and played outside with my friends, we would always imagine up stories that we should follow. There were so many intricacies to our plot lines that, to this day, I still have no real idea what the hell we were doing.&nbs...


Bobcat Goldthwait to bring violence in God Bless America

I used to work for Blockbuster, back when there was such a thing as Blockbuster, and every now and then, they would give us a chance to pick through a pile of movies that were to be tossed. One of the movies I took home with me was Sleeping...


Trailer: The Skin I Live In

Every new trailer we get to see for Pedro Almodóvar's The Skin I Live In just makes it look creepier and creepier and better and better. While we won't be seeing it until October (and even then that's a limited release) th...


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Trick"Give me something good to stab (and stab and stab)"


Metallica: S&M²"Fight Fire With Fire"


LFF Harriet"Be free or die"


Gemini Man"Does whatever a gemini can"


LFF The Aeronauts"Reach for the sky"


NYFF Saturday Fiction"Life during wartime"


The Addams Family"Just be yourself (but not too much!)"


Parasite"Class mobility is a lie"


Lucky Day"Luck's run out"


LFF Knives Out"Whodounut"


LFF Bad Education"Ain't misbehavin"


NYFF The Whistlers"Whistling away the jail days"


LFF Marriage Story"Romcom in reverse"


LFF The Report"Democracy under scrutiny"


Preacher (Season 4)"The Messiah will dance!"


LFF The King"High drama"


LFF Jojo Rabbit"Ja Hitler!"


LFF Hope Gap"Deficient"


LFF Lucky Grandma"You'll never look at your grandma in the same way again"


LFF Waves"Ripple effect"


First Love"Tough love"


The Spy"What would you do for your country?"