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The Yellow Birds gets its dramatic first trailer

The Yellow Bird came out of Sundance with a bit of buzz, and it's easy to see why -- it's a war movie with plenty of drama and a stellar cast. But I'm just not that excited about it. Something about it seems a little too on the nose m...


Comic-Con 2017 trailer roundup

What a weekend its been, while nothing really overly exciting and brand new was announced at San Diego Comic-Con there was a ton of trailers from previously announced TV and movies. So to cure your Monday blues we at Flixist have compil...

Tales from the Crypt photo

The Tales from the Crypt reboot has trailers now

There are episodes of Tales from the Crypt that are eternally stuck in my mind. The show's combination of horror, weirdness, violence and nudity made it an instant cult classic when it was on. Also, there was the comic, but I didn't re...

Ten Best Trailers of 2013 photo

FlixList: The Ten Best Trailers of 2013

A lot of very good movies released this year, and boy have they been advertised. In fact, so many films had trailers this year I once tried to round them up every week until I abruptly gave up because the mountain was way too steep to climb...

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Trailer Round-up: Komic Khan

Normally the Trailer Round-up takes place over the weekend as a way to gather up all the big movie trailers for the previous week. But because there was a comic convention or something last weekend, I held off in case anything big dropped. ...

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Trailer Round-up: Some Older Gentleman

The biggest trailer of the week is arguably the Red Band trailer for Spike Lee's Oldboy remake (I say arguably because I'm personally more interested in Saving Mr. Banks). Folks on the site are still arguing about it (I've never seen more t...

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Trailer Round-up: Is Kevin Hart Funny Yet?

I'll never understand Kevin Hart's appeal. I tried watching one of his specials and his comedy seemed too esoteric for my taste. Well apparently he's a funny guy that just won't stop showing up in things. What trailer is he in this week? So...

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Trailer Round-up: Gotcha Nose

I guess to make up for last week's sequelganza, this week's trailers have all been for original films, and that's fantastic. Unfortunately this also means that these trailers are for films several months away. So I guess we'll have to deal ...

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Trailer Round-up: Boy, That Escalated Quickly

There were a bunch of big name trailers dropping this week...and they're all sequels in some shape or form. While some deserve a chance, there are clearly a few sequels in this week's round-up that shouldn't exist at all. The biggest sequel...

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Trailer Round-up: 300 Men and a Baby Hobbit

This week in trailers we have a few notable standouts. Namely White House Down for its pure hutzpah as it releases a four minute trailer. Like holy moley bologna, Batman! Four minutes? Let's try and think of things we could have done in the...

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Trailer Round-up: We're Back! Edition

Because there are lots of interesting trailers released over each week that could go unnoticed thanks to the packed Summer, we here at Flixist decided to revive our old Trailer Round-up feature to keep everyone up to date on the latest and ...


Trailer Round-up: Tigerblood edition

I'm really proud of my Flixist brethren for the fact that we've lasted the entire week without once making an obvious Charlie Sheen reference. After all, that depressing nut bag has gotten enough exposure, and we here at Flixist don't resor...


Trailer Round-up: Presidents Day Edition

Presidents Day. It's an all important holiday that I, in no way, ever confuse with Arbor Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Kwanza, Columbus Day, Earth Day, and MLKs birthday. And on this very special Presidents Day Edition of...


Trailer Round-up: Super Bowl Edition

I, like you, was busy last night getting drunk and watching the Super Bowl. I, unlike you, missed alot of the commercials because I kept switching back and fourth between the game and the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. I couldn't help it, I ...


Trailer Round-up: Ewan McGregor is everywhere

Ok, so Ewan McGregor isn't really everywhere per se, more like he's in two trailers in this week's Round-up. But there's a trailer with James McAvoy putting on his best McGregor impression, so that counts right?. Also, there's a trailer th...


Trailer Round-up: Tracy Morgan is a serious actor

What's to be said about this weeks Trailer Round-up except it has a pink teddy bear on an epic journey, a murderous tire, and Tracy Morgan starring in a crime drama with Al Pacino. I checked the calendar to see if it was Backwards Day, tur...


Trailer Round-up: Hurr Durr Derp

There’s a great energy taking over Flixist. It’s a new year, we’ve got a new lay out and a new staff member (HEY MAX) and we’ve been generally kicking ass. Now that the Trailer Round-up has reached double digits, I’ve decided to...


Trailer Round-up #9

It’s a day after New Years and I know what you’re thinking: “Andres is going to make a passing reference about how drunk he got”. WRONG! I would make a passing reference to my mild alcoholism if I weren’t as sick as the dickens. ...


Trailer Round-up #8

If everything goes right this Christmas, this might very well be the last Trailer Round-up. With all the socks and underwear I’ll be getting as gifts, I’m going to be filthy rich and won’t have time to squabble over petty trailers. T...


Trailer Round-up #7

After the few hiccups we’ve had lately at the Trailer Round-up (site being down, little-to-no trailers, etc), I decided to treat you guys to a special edition of the Trailer Round-up. What did I do to make this weeks Round-up all the mor...


Trailer Round-up #6

This weeks Trailer Round-up is sadly a short one. I'm hungover and there just wasn't that many trailers this week. But after last week's plethora of trailers, you're not really in a position to complain now are you? God you're selfish. On ...


Trailer Round-up #5

Now I wasn't able to post a Trailer Round-up last week due to technical difficulties with the Flixist servers. So I wrapped last weeks Trailer Round-up in tin foil and put it in the fridge as we focused in keeping Tommy Raptor away from th...


Trailer Round-up #4

Been uber busy preparing for Harry Potter week. I’ve been tasked with providing my unique analysis (being that I’ve never seen the series), so y’all better appreciate that. Either way, I’m taking a much needed break from Hogwarts, ...


Trailer Round-up #3

WARNING: This edition of Trailer Round-up may induce vomiting. These trailers are a joke, right? I mean, April Fools is still a couple of months away. These trailers look like ironic parodies of awful movies Hollywood typically puts out. U...


Trailer Round-up #2

This cold of mine has put quite the damper on my week. I haven’t been able to contribute much in the way of news posts or reviews as I’ve been too busy hiding underneath a blanket and fighting off my cough syrup induced hysteria. But i...


Trailer Round-up #1

Welcome to our first ever Trailer Round-up. Every week it will be my task to round up all the trailers that were released this past week and supplement them with my smart yet witty comments (please like me). I’ll be providing my raw and ...


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Slay the Dragon"A powerful piece on political activism and the impact an individual can have"


The Platform"As above, so below"


SXSW Critical Thinking"What's your next move?"


Bloodshot"A bloody mess (not the good kind)"


SXSW Drunk Bus"Going round in circles"


The Hunt"Not even the third most talked about movie of the year"


Never Rarely Sometimes Always"Necessary for our time"


Jurassic Thunder"Somehow worse than it looks"


Castlevania (Season 3)"WHERE'S GRANT???"


The Booksellers"The moment he croaks I'm on the phone with Sotheby's"


The Wild Goose Lake"Goose on the loose."


The Way Back"Can't find its way"


The Dark Red"Kidnapping babies and wasting time"


The Invisible Man"Nothing to see here"


Burden"Love conquers all...except boredom"


Verotika"'Your teets are looking at me!'"


Blood on Her Name"'That don't put the skin back on the cat'"


Dragon Quest: Your Story"Butchering a beloved classic"


My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising"Yet I'm falling asleep"


Beanpole"Plant a seed and hope for the best"


Ride Your Wave"Love and water"


We"A deadly serious sex comedy"