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Apology to VFX community photo

Before VFX: An apology to the Visual Effects community

If you spend any significant amount of time on film- or tech-oriented websites, you've probably seen some coverage of the controversy surrounding the playing-off of Life of Pi's VFX supervisor, whose company is about to file for bankruptcy,...


Prometheus visual effects breakdowns show practical roots

So, first off, this first video has some mild spoilers for the opening scene of Prometheus. I'm cool showing this since, again, it's literally talking about the first scene of the film. I won't talk about it in specifics, in case...


Oscar list of Top 10 VFX films proves it was a bad year

I am not a fan of CGI, but, for whatever reason, 2011 had a number of truly terrible examples of VFX. If you couldn't guess from the headline, some of those films have made it onto the final 10 contenders for the Oscar for "Best Visual...


Check out this neat FX test for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man

I love the first two Spider-Man movies from Sam Raimi, so much so that I remain hesitant about the new remake-prequel's ability to tell almost exactly the same story as the original Spider-Man, but with a less interesting villain. Thi...


Flixclusive Interview: Max Ivins, LOOK Effects [Part 2]

Since posting part one of my interview with LOOK Effects Supervisor Max Ivins, I was able to see his handiwork in the The Muppets for myself, and I must say that the film is amazing. I haven't laughed that hard that consistently in a very, ...


Flixclusive Interview: Max Ivins, LOOK Effects [Part 1]

There are two types of interviewees: ones that need to be poked and prodded in order to say anything meaningful, and ones who will continue talking until you unintentionally cut them off during a pause. Max Ivins, Supervisor for the VFX com...


The Muppets masterminds wanted to keep things "tangible"

I think I've made it very clear that I am not a fan of CGI. Films like Rise of the Planet of the Apes are far less effective due to their reliance on CG characters. Fortunately, the men and women behind The Muppets felt the same w...


The necessity of visual consistency (and why CGI sucks)

Imagine you were born in the final decade of the 1800s. You are alive just at the birth of cinema. You see moving images of people getting on and off trains, riding bicycles, and doing a host of other inane things. Then you go see A Trip to...


Flix for Short: The Village

You know why I love playing The Sims? Because it's like being God. I like making little electronic people bend to my every whim. I keep autonomy on high and then cancel out their actions in favor of what I want them to do. I like to imagin...


Netflix now on Nintendo 3DS

Have you ever wanted the power of 3D movies in your own hands? Thanks to Nintendo and Netflix, you will soon be able to share the type of magic powers James Cameron has. With today's eShop update, Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to experie...


Green Lantern using all his willpower to finish FX

With a June release date looming large, Green Lantern has just gotten a budget boost of $9 million and has begun hiring work out to more special effects studios in order to complete the film by the promised June 17th date. This shouldn...


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