Review: The Front Line

There are only two films about war that have brought me to the verge of tears. The first is more the implication of war, and that would be Stephen Spielberg's incredible Schindler's List. The second is a war film more in the vein ...


Arnold Schwarzenegger's Black Sands becomes Black Sunday

Arnold is looking to revive his acting career in any way he can, it seems, as he's taking on the most random roles ever. I mean, if Arnold is desperate for roles, you know the economy's in trouble. Last we heard he was starring in the film ...


Trailer: Into the White

Into the White is a World War II film about two groups of soldiers from England and Germany, respectively. After they shoot each other down, they find themselves sharing a Norwegian cabin. In order to survive the harsh winter, they mu...


Flixclusive: First details about Corman's Virtual Heroes

Remember way back to last month when we brought you news of Roger Corman's interest in working on Sharktopus 2? Well, there was more to that interview (which will finally be posted some time next week), and he told me about a film with...


Trailer: Red Tails

I'm starting to come around on Red Tails. I haven't been impressed by what we've seen so far, but this trailer makes it look like a fairly thrilling tale. There's not nearly enough World War 2 fighter pilot movies, especially not in the pa...


Trailer: In The Land of Blood & Honey

In this trailer for Angelina Jolie's directorial debut, In The Land of Blood & Honey, there is plenty of romance and gunfire. The story of the movie is based around a "Serbian rape camp administrator and one of his Bosnian prisoners," ...


Trailer: Red Tails

  A new trailer for Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox's historical World War II drama has been released online. Red Tails follows the story of the "intrepid young airmen" of the then-experimental Tuskegee piloting program, all of whom we...


Trailer: Homecoming

In Homecoming, Brea Grant stars as a young female soldier who has returned home from her tour of duty to her old life, old friends and old family. She seems to be having a bit of trouble adjusting to the changes of lifestyle, however. I ho...


Trailer: Red Tails

Man, dog fight movies are awesome. The last trailer for Red Tails definitely piqued my interest, but its focus on the film's dramatic side left me wondering how well they were going to tackle one of film's greatest traditions: the dog figh...


Zack Snyder may direct an Afghanistan war thriller

At this point, I'm fairly sure Zack Snyder exists to punish me for some sin in a past life. That, or just the usual "God's all hatin' on the Jew folk" we've been dealing with for a few thousand years. Anyway, Zack Snyder may be set to repla...


Trailer: War Horse

Sometimes a movie's title just seems a little too obvious. War Horse is one of those movies. It's a movie about a horse that goes to war and War Horse was the most creative thing they could come up with? Why not branch out with some metaph...


Hurt Locker filmmakers working on Osama Bin Laden film

A few nights ago we were filled with a wide range of emotions upon hearing that Osama Bin Laden was dead. Even in the safety of our own homes the adrenaline was easily noticed, so it's hard to imagine what it must have felt like to be a par...


Trailer: Armadillo

In the past two or three years, there have been some great war documentaries to come out (Restrepo comes to mind). But Armadillo is a beast to its own. Filmed over the course of a six month tour of duty in 2009, the filmmakers foll...


Flixist Podcast, Ep 10: LizRugg gives us VD...questions

Happy Valentine's Day people! This is a special episode of our podcast, Get Your Flix, which caters to the romantic sentiment that is supposed to be spread around today, thanks to one of our lovely listeners, LizRugg. We had other...


There Be Dragons trailer lies, has no dragons

By looking at the header picture above you probably wouldn't think this movie was about some secret religious cult that smells like Dan Brown's garbage bin. Then the trailer -- which I've embedded after the break -- ditches the mystery and...


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