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Hey everyone, let's talk about Frank Miller!

So...Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is definitely a thing that exists. Whether or not it's good doesn't matter anymore since it bombed pretty hard this past weekend. As always with Flixist Community Discusses, I want to get some opinions from...

Guardians FCD photo

Hey everyone, let's talk about Guardians of the Galaxy!

A few weeks back, I started this segment where I gathered the community's opinions on big movies. It's been gone for awhile due to a lack of interesting films, but now's a good time to bring it back as any. So what did you all think of Guar...

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Hey everyone, let's talk about X-Men: Days of Future Past!

UPDATE: Last day for those opinions!  Since the last two editions have been met with success, let's try another Flixist Community Discusses for X-Men: Days of Future Past! This time the criticism I've seen has most definitely been more...

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Hey everyone, let's talk about Godzilla!

After the success of our last Flixist Community Discusses (featuring The Amazing Spider-Man 2), let's have another go around with Godzilla. Once again, through talk on Twitter, film critics, and friends, I've been getting a lot of mixed fee...


Hey everyone, let's talk about The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

From all of the talk I've seen here in the comments, on Twitter, and other film critics, everyone seems to be divided with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Much like the response to the first film, we have both extreme negative and positive reacti...

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Ask Flixistentialism questions...one last time...

If you're a fan of Flixistentialism, you've probably seen this coming for a while now. We tried our best to make it work, and we had a real fun go at it (I know I did!), but our time's sadly come up. But we're not leaving you guys empty han...


Ask Flixistentialism some questions before Black Friday

Whoa, another Flixistentialism is happening already? We're really spoiling you guys here. I think we want to record tonight because next week the gang'll be too busy stuffing ourselves with bird carcasses like the zoo defiling cannibals we ...


Flixistentialism is back, back again, so ask questions!

Sorry for the Flixistentialism hiatus, you guys. We tried to make stuff happen, but our schedules failed to mix up. Last week it almost worked too, but my car was nearly stolen so that kind of threw a rock into our plans!  But we're ba...


Flixistentialism is back so give us them questions

Is a two week break considered long enough to be a hiatus? Whatever it was, the three of us took a brief relaxation period because none of us could get our schedules situated. But now Flixistenialism is back and recording tonight, so we nee...


Flixistentialism is still rated R, so ask us questions

So the new Robocop is rated PG-13 (which means it's not cool enough for an  R anymore), but luckily for you, Flixistentialism is still rated R. What would a PG-13 Flixistentialism even be? Like two seconds of Liz? Whatever.   As a...


Flixistentialism is the new black, so ask us questions

I've jumped into Jenji Kohan's Netflix series, Orange is the New Black, about two days ago and I haven't stopped watching it since. I'm on episode seven right now and I'm probably going to talk about it much to the chagrin of Lizberg a...


Flixistentialism needs those questions, mang

I just listened to Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail album last night so it's all I've been thinking about. I'll probably talk about it some since there were some strong feelings. But besides that, got any questions for us? Do as you normally ...


We need Flixistentialism questions on repeat y'all

I just recently saw Spring Breakers so I'm itching to talk about it. If you have any questions about the movie, I definitely want them. Either way, Flixistentialism is back from its brief break and look at our sh*t. We got shorts. Every f**...


Ask Flixistentialism questions or I'll eat this shoe

Flixistentialism is back and recording tonight after its week hiatus (blame Liz and her magic milkshakes), so you should ask us questions! If not, I'll be forced to eat this shoe. I don't want to eat the shoe, but I will since I'm a man of ...

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Ask Flixistentialism some questions because we love you

Felt left out of our Flixist Movie Club last week (tanks on tanks on tanks) because you haven't seen Fast & Furious 6 yet? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We're recording our standard (well, our definition of it) show tonight, so gi...

Fast and Furi-YES photo

Ask us Fast Six questions or we'll lose our goatee

One of the funniest things floating around the Internet (which I totally missed and didn't acknowledge in the review) is the fact that Dwayne Johnson's goatee somehow disappears and reappears multiple times throughout Fast & Furious 6. ...


Flixistentialism needs your questions for answering

Good morning, my friends and compatriots. Andres is dealing with a gout epidemic, so I tagged in with the assist for this week's call for Flixistentialism questions. For those that may not remember or haven't been around, Andres "Yo..." Bol...


Ask us questions so we could answer them

Dre's out this morning, so I'm writing the questions post for our recording tonight. As you can tell, I'm nowhere near as witty or creative with these things as he is. What would Dre say here? Uh..."I'm Dre and I like women and booze, and t...


Don't leave us alone on Valentine's Day, ask questions

Considering the cast consists of young, sexy, single casanovas who look down upon the idea of a pre-ordained holiday celebrating those who have fallen into the shackles of relationships ... Me, Liz, Nick and Geoffrey decided we would much r...


Ask us questions or there won't be a Fast & Furious 6

You're probably thinking to yourself "Does Dre really have the power to cancel Fast and Furious 6? I mean, billions of dollars were spent on the production and promotion on this film". The real question you should be asking yourself is "DO ...


Recording Djangocast tonight! Ask us questions

That's right, we're recording Da-Jangocast (the D is not silent in our case) as our first Flixist Movie Club of 2013. For the uninitiated, Flixist Movie Club is a special time when we take our unfocused disheveled podcast and turn it into a...


Ask us questions, Tiny Dancer

On New Years night, towards the close of the night, me and a couple friends were at a bar all whiskey-ed out and exhausted. But then, Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" came on and we found enough energy to belt the f*ck out of that song. As I exch...


All Santa Chainz wants for Christmas is questions

I'm starting a new Christmas tradition ... and that tradition is a combination of Santa Claus (who died for our sins) and 2 Chainz (big booty hoe aficionado). Ladies and gentlemen, be sure to tell your children of Santa Chainz. AS...


Behold! A new Flixist podcast!

EDIT: There were problems recording Wednesday (blame Skynet or The Matrix) so we will be recording tonight despite the machine trying to bring us down. ASK US HOTDOGS QUESTIONS. We're back ... and we're hungry for hot dogs questions. Leave ...


Tonight, on a very special episode of The Flixist Show...

Someone will probably get molested. Not Spider-Man, though. He's already been...handled. Tonight is actually a very special show, and we're going to have a good chunk of the staff dropping by at random points throughout. Why is it so s...


Ask us your questions for Loopercast!

Tonight the Flixist Movie Club returns to talk about Rian Johnson's Looper, which basically means we're going to go one week without an insane story from Matty Shoestring. Ask us your non-spoiler-y questions in the comments below! If you ha...


Dive whilst firing two guns asking Flixist Show questions

I got Sleeping Dogs yesterday, and now all I want to do is watch John Woo's Hong Kong movies. I could watch The Killer and Hard Boiled every day until I die, and I'd still grin like a son of a bitch the whole way through. Ask...


Ask us the Flixist Show questions!

Full warning, I'm probably going to talk about V/H/S a whole bunch tonight, since I saw it yesterday, and I've got no embargo on it. Hint: it's awesome. So ask us your questions! We'll probably answer them! 


Batmanatee demands your Dark Knight Risescast questions!

First off, go to Joel Micah Harris's Deviant Art page and look at all these superheroes drawn as manatees. Because are goddamned awesome. Then ask us all your questions for tonight's Dark Knight Risescast! As with previous Flixist Movie Clu...


Batman pun Batman pun Flixist Show questions Batman pun

Ask us questions! There's more erotic fanfiction readings tonight. Oh god. My life. We probably won't talk about Batman. No, that's a lie. We're going to be pissing ourselves with excitement for the future of Batman.


You have the questions the Flixist Show deserves

Also, the ones it needs right now. I'm excited for Dark Knight Rises. Obviously. We're recording in a few hours, so get those questions in, and we'll answer them with alarming alacrity! Yeah, that's right. I drop words like "alacrity" ...


Ask The Flixist Show your post-American pride questions!

Do you think Obama got tanked last night? I bet he did. I bet that Independence Day is the one day of the year the sitting president is allowed to just get ludicrously liquored up and act the fool in front of millions of equally sloshed Ame...


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Enter the Fat Dragon"A.K.A. Yakuza: The Movie"


Come to Daddy"Daddy issues"


Cupid"I like you, but I don't 'like' like you"


Gretel & Hansel"Stop me if you've heard this one before..."


The Rhythm Section"The beat does not go on"


Sundance Downhill"Imagine Marriage Story in the Mountains but even less funny"


Sundance Wendy"Beasts of the Southern Neverland "


The Turning"Turn your eyes away"


The Gentlemen"Laws of the Jungle"


Awkwafina is Nora from Queens - Season One"She's still Nora from the block"


Color Out of Space"Nicolas Cage milks an alpaca"


Bad Boys for Life"Bay to the bone"


The Wave"Wave it away"


Weathering With You"Raindrops keep falling on my head"




Underwater"Dang, ocean, you scary"


Like A Boss"Well, it's watchable"


1917"The long (take) and winding road"


The Mercenary"God told me to kill"


Uncut Gems"Tell 'em Howie Bling sent ya"


The Witcher - Season One"Toss a coin to your Witcher"


Final Space Season 2"Clash of the titans"