Peter Mayhew of Star Wars fame has passed away at 74

Actor Peter Mayhew, famous for his role as Chewbacca in the Star Wars series, has passed away today at the age of 74. The news was shared from Mayhew's official Twitter account, in which the family of the man left a picture and long messag...


The 2018 Golden Cages: Worst Film

Welcome one and all to Flixist's new end of the year awards program, the Golden Cages! With Hollywood becoming increasingly out of touch with what the people like, we at Flixist have taken it upon ourselves to deliver the fair, bala...


Actor Reg Cathey dies at 59

Emmy winner and three-time nominee Reg E. Cathey, best known for his standout work on House of Cards and The Wire, has died at the age of 59 from a reported battle with lung cancer on February 9, 2018. A native of Huntsville, Alabama, ...

The Departure review photo

Tribeca Capsule Review: The Departure

Almost everyone could benefit from a little bit of therapy, especially therapists themselves. I often wonder what sorts of anxieties therapists have to deal with after they've finished dealing with clients for the day. Empathy and patience ...

RIP Leonard Nimoy photo

RIP Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

Earlier today, news broke that Leonard Nimoy had passed away at the age of 83.  It's hard to put into words the personal importance of Nimoy's work. Star Trek wasn't just the show I watched as a child, it was my inspiration. It ta...

Robin Williams Death photo

Robin Williams found dead at age 63

We bring you some truly sad news tonight. Robin Williams was found dead in his home after an apparent suicide by asphyxiation. Reports from the family spokesperson say that the actor was suffering from depression and recently entered a ...

What's Past is Past photo

Why technology shouldn't resurrect the dead

When an actor signs on to commit to a particular film, they don't anticipate that they'll be dead before the contract is up. Hollywood stars are people too, and the grim reaper waits for no one. When an actor passes on, that's it, they're d...

Harold Ramis RIP photo

RIP Harold Ramis (1944-2014)

When you think about classic comedy films, your thoughts will inevitably turn to Harold Ramis's filmography. The writer of Ghostbusters and Animal House and writer/director of Caddyshack and Groundhog Day (among others) is respons...

Phillip Seymour Hoffman photo

RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014)

Yesterday, Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his apartment in Greenwich Village in New York City. You've probably read all of the unpleasant details elsewhere on the internet a dozen times, and we'll spare you them here. We're late ...

Fast and Furi-YES photo

Fast & Furious 7 gets a new release date

After Paul Walker's death threw Universal and the Fast & Furious production team into disarray, everything has been in the air as to how the film was going to move forward. First the seventhquel was temporarily placed on hold, then the ...

Fast and Furi-YES photo

Fast & Furious 7 getting rewrites to honor Paul Walker

Now that Fast & Furious 7 has officially halted its production for the time being to properly get its bearings after losing Paul Walker, Universal is still in the midst of a very confusing situation. One of the many options they're cons...

Hours Review photo

Review: Hours

I'm a bit at a loss of what to write here. I've always been weird toward deaths of well known individuals as to when how soon is "too soon." After spending the last few days thinking of all the positives of Paul Walker's career, when is it ...


Part of sales of Fast & Furious 6 going to charity

Since the death of Paul Walker things have been very up in the air with Fast & Furious 7, but Universal is stepping up and creating some good out of it. A percentage of the sales from Fast & Furious 6's Blu-ray/DVD release will...

RIP Paul Walker photo

R.I.P. Paul Walker (9/12/1973 - 11/30/2013)

While the hustle and bustle of the Internet's quickness to label anything that sounds too impossible to be true as a hoax, it's still hard to accept news of Paul Walker's untimely death. The forty years old Fast & Furious star Paul Walk...

Furever Review photo

BFF Review: Furever

The dog on the left is dead. The owner had the dog professionally stuffed in order to cope with the loss. The dog on the right (alive) shares in my initial reaction to this scene from the documentary Furever: detached yet ruminative, struck...

R.I.P. Roger Ebert photo

R.I.P. Roger Ebert (6/6/1942 - 4/4/2013)

Hushed silences and whispers would fill the theater. Every person in the audience would ask the person next to them, "Hey... is that Roger Ebert?" Time and time again, especially since I began writing for Flixist in 2010, I would see Roger ...


Actor Richard Grifftiths dead at 65

British theatrical, television, and film actor Richard Griffiths has died at the age of 65 this past Thursday. This was due to unfortunate complications following his heart surgery. Griffiths has had a colorful career spanning the stage and...


Flix for Short: Le Taxidermiste

Le Taxidermiste is an incredibly cute video about death and the preservation of life. The storyline may be relatively subdued, but the incredible visual detail and style is enough to keep my attention the whole time. Also, dat keyboard sol...


Sol Yurick, writer of “The Warriors” novel, dies at 87

Sol Yurick passed away last Saturday in Manhattan at the age of 87. According to his daughter, the cause was complications of lung cancer. Before he wrote “The Warriors,” he worked as a social investigator with the welfare depar...


RIP Daniel Craft (1971-2013)

We're sad to report that Daniel Craft, the terminally ill cancer patient who got to see Star Trek Into Darkness early, passed away on January 4th. He was 41 years old. Craft was a programmer for the New York Asian Film Festival and a member...


Michael Clarke Duncan dead at age 54

Michael Clarke Duncan passed away yesterday morning in Los Angeles from the effects of a heart attack he suffered on July 13th. He was only 54 years old. Reports suggest that his girlfriend, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth (from The Apprentice...


Review: Third Star

Because of my morbid sensibilities, I have often thought about how I would want to die if I were terminally ill. I've wondered what I would choose my final experience to be, and I know what it is: I want to skydive without a parachute. But ...


NYAFF Review: Make Up

[For the month of July, we will be covering the New York Asian Film Festival and the (also New York-based) Japan Cuts Film Festival, which together form one of the largest showcases of Asian cinema in the world. For our NYAFF coverage, head...


Nora Ephron dies at age 71

Yesterday essayist, screenwriter, director and all around awesome person Nora Ephron passed away at the age of 71. The cause was pneumonia brought on by acute myeloid leukemia, her son Jacob Bernstein said. Ephron had a long and illustrious...


Review: A Necessary Death

On its poster, Wes Craven's 1972 film Last House on the Left used the tagline, "To avoid fainting, keep repeating, It's only a movie ... only a movie ... only a movie ..." I don't think the film is quite that intense, but as a bit of m...


In Memoriam: Adam Yauch (MCA)

Christmas 2001. My brother hands me a wrapped gift that looks like a jewel case and says "You probably downloaded all of this anyway..." I open it up, and in it is Paul's Boutique by the Beastie Boys. Obviously, I didn't know this goin...


The Bodyguard returning to theaters to profit on a death

Fathom Events can give whatever justification they want for why the 1992 film The Bodyguard is returning to theaters. They say it's to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film's release, and there is a 20th anniversary edition Blu-ray rel...


Del Toro producing a Day of the Dead animated feature

Before you get too excited -- No, this is not a remake of George A. Romero's classic film Day of the Dead. There was already a remake of that starring Nick Cannon, and it was AWFUL. Reel FX has announced that they are working with Guillermo...


RIP Bob Anderson: Princess Bride, Star Wars sword master

Olympic fencer, sword master, and stunt performer Bob Anderson passed away yesterday in an English hospital. He was 89 years old. In his decades in the film industry, Anderson worked with Errol Flynn, helped with stunts and action on severa...


Satoshi Kon's The Dream Machine may be dead

Satoshi Kon's death in August 2010 was a sad blow to fans of 2D animation. The anime director died at the age of 47, leaving behind a short body of work: Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, and Paprika, as well as a 13-episod...


Rest in peace Ken Russell (1927-2011)

Academy Award nominated filmmaker Ken Russell died in his sleep on November 27th. He was 84 years old. After the death of an artist, there is often a renewed interest in his or her work. That describes my situation with Ken Russell. I&rsquo...


Flix for Short: Always a Family

Tear-jerker Alert! Story Corps, the non-profit who's mission is to "provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives," has recently released some new stories feat...


Old Man Marley died, my day is ruined

Easily the best part of Home Alone, Roberts Blossom died. He was 87. Blossom will forever be remembered as Old Man Marley, the wise older man that Macaulay Culkin helps out towards the end. Blossom also starred in the 1974 Oscar winning ada...


The greatest producer in the history of film has died

Back when I was in high school and a place called Blockbuster was still relevant my friends and I would spend our nerdy weekend nights by going to said previously relevant place and wandering around for an hour trying to choose a random mo...


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