Flixclusive: The Aztek Warrior is a Latino Black Dynamite

Last week, I had a chance to interview actor/action director of the upcoming film The Girl from the Naked Eye. Like any good interviewer, I badgered him about what he's going to be working on next. And he told me some cool things, most of t...


Interview: Bobcat Goldthwait, God Bless America

I first saw World's Greatest Dad a month or two after I got home from film school. Having only seen the trailer, I was hoping for something dark and hilarious. Not only did I get that, but I had a new favorite filmmaker.  Bobcat G...


Flixclusive Interview: Joel Murray, God Bless America

Joel Murray is one of those great character actors that's been in a lot of things, but you just can't quite put your finger on his name. But just like his brother Bill, Joel has made a great career out of being "that guy". But with God Bles...


Flixclusive: Joel Murray talks Monsters University

Recently, I had the chance to speak to the stars of Bobcat Goldthwait's latest film God Bless America. During a great interview with Joel Murray (which will be going up this week), I managed to get some new information about Monsters Univer...


Flixclusive: Trost Bros. working on FP sequel, F2P

At last night's awesome screening of The FP in Universal City, CA, we had a chance to grill Jason Trost, co-writer/director and star of The FP, one of my favorite movies of the year and the official Citizen Kane of "Wait, what the f**k...


Flixclusive Interview: James McTiegue, The Raven

James McTiegue has a lot of darkness in him. He's worked on projects from The Matrix to Dark City, and his latest is The Raven, a macabre thriller with a literary twist. Here he talks about what draws him to the dark sid...


Flixclusive Interview: Director Joseph Kahn, Detention

Joseph Kahn is best known as the director of pretty much every music video ever (seriously, watch some of them here), but that's not the only thing he's done. In 2003, he released Torque, a motorcycle movie starring Ice Cube. Years later, h...


Flixclusive Interview: Peter Farrelly, The Three Stooges

Peter Farrelly (on the left in the above image), along with his brother Bobby, is one of the most notorious names in comedy today. Whether you love or hate his films, you can't deny they've got a big role in the shape of the gross-out comed...


Flixclusive: Jeff Goldblum was going to be The Hulk

In a Flixclusive Interview with the Jurassic Park star, Mr. Jeff Goldblum admitted to being "95% set" to play Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the upcoming summer blockbuster, The Avengers. However, due to details that will be shared once the ...


Flixclusive Interview: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (Los Chidos)

[From Mar. 9th to 17th, Flixist will bring you live coverage from deep in the heart of Texas at South by Southwest Film 2012. Keep an eye out for news, features, interviews, videos, and reviews of some of the most anticipated films to ...


Flixclusive Interview: Kirsten Sheridan (Dollhouse)

[From Mar. 9th to 17th, Flixist will bring you live coverage from deep in the heart of Texas at South by Southwest Film 2012. Keep an eye out for news, features, interviews, videos, and reviews of some of the most anticipated films to ...


Interview: The Girls of Cabin in the Woods

[From Mar. 8 to 17, Flixist will bring you live coverage from deep in the heart of Texas at South by Southwest Film 2012. Keep an eye out for news, features, interviews, videos, and reviews of some of the most anticipated films to ...


Interview: Cabin in the Woods Actor Jesse Williams

[From Mar. 8 to 17, Flixist will bring you live coverage from deep in the heart of Texas at South by Southwest Film 2012. Keep an eye out for news, features, interviews, videos, and reviews of some of the most anticipated films to hi...


Interview: Cabin in the Woods' Jenkins and Whitford

[From Mar. 8 to 17, Flixist will bring you live coverage from deep in the heart of Texas at South by Southwest Film 2012. Keep an eye out for news, features, interviews, videos, and reviews of some of the most anticipated films to hit ...


Flixclusive Interview: The directors of Sound of Noise

Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjärne Nillson have directed probably the most fun film to arrive on the silver screen this year. Sound of Noise is a semi-musical, semi-performance art piece, semi-comedy about a group of drummers...


Flixclusive Interview: Nicolas Gonda, co-founder of Tugg

I'm really jazzed about Tugg. I've written about it a little, and I think that, if it takes off, it's a platform that can really change the way people think about distributing their own movies in our era of social media. Hell, if people can...


Flixclusive Interview: Josh Trank, Chronicle

Josh Trank could be another Neill Blompkamp. There are some pretty startling similarities to their respective career paths. They both made it big on the Internet with short films, coming out of nowhere on their first film to wow audiences ...


Flixclusive Interview: The cast of Chronicle

I only had a few minutes to talk to Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan, and Dane DeHaan, the leads for this Friday's Chronicle, and you can probably tell my head's not really in it, since I was very sick and starting to come down off of an ar...


Flixclusive Interview: Max Ivins, LOOK Effects [Part 2]

Since posting part one of my interview with LOOK Effects Supervisor Max Ivins, I was able to see his handiwork in the The Muppets for myself, and I must say that the film is amazing. I haven't laughed that hard that consistently in a very, ...


Flixclusive Interview: Max Ivins, LOOK Effects [Part 1]

There are two types of interviewees: ones that need to be poked and prodded in order to say anything meaningful, and ones who will continue talking until you unintentionally cut them off during a pause. Max Ivins, Supervisor for the VFX com...


Flixclusive Interview: Roger Corman

So it's finally come to this. At this year's New York Comic Con, I got to interview one of my personal heroes, Roger Corman. He was there promoting the upcoming documentary Corman's World. I learned about it approximately four hours be...


Flixclusive: First details about Corman's Virtual Heroes

Remember way back to last month when we brought you news of Roger Corman's interest in working on Sharktopus 2? Well, there was more to that interview (which will finally be posted some time next week), and he told me about a film with...


Flixclusive: Roger Corman thinking about Sharktopus 2

In a recent interview with the legendary exploitation producer/director Roger Corman (the entirety of which I hope to be able to post soon), he divulged that, after the upcoming Piranhaconda is released, he will be taking a break from ...


Flixclusive Interview: Ben Carland, director of Sol

After watching the trailer for Sol, I was very excited. So few indie filmmakers tend to work in science fiction, as it tends to be a pretty expensive genre to work in. With few details available on the film, I reached out to Ben Carland, th...


Flixclusive: Sushi Typhoon films being released on BD/DVD

Sushi Typhoon, the group behind the American distribution of films such as Karate-Robo Zaborgar and Yakuza Weapon (review coming soon), will be releasing their films on Blu-ray and DVD starting this fall. No official announcement has been m...


Flixclusive Interview: Cinematographer Ryan Hill

It takes a lot of people to put together a film, but to make a movie look good, it takes a special kind of person. I am referring of course to the cinematographer, the man (or woman) who is in charge of framing up shots, lighting the subjec...


Flixclusive: On set with Seth McFarlane's Ted

Once again I've followed a caravan of Lightning Production vehicles to their inevitable destination, a film set in Boston. Last week I climbed up to the side of a parking garage to a nice little spot above Ted, the Mark Wahlberg, Mila K...


Flixclusive: On set with Sandler's I Hate You, Dad

After making its way through the town of Everett, Massachusetts, Adam Sandler's I Hate You, Dad touched down all over Lynn for more shooting. Daytime work required that a convenience store be fully remodeled to appear as a liquor store (as...


Flixclusive Interview: Ryan Lee (Super 8)

Super 8 is my most anticipated movie of the summer. Combining the intrigue that typically surrounds J.J. Abrams' films with the scope that Steven Spielberg is known for, Super 8 is destined to be one of the most talked about movie experienc...


Flixclusive: Interview with the Blood Grinder guys

As you all know, I'm pretty chummy with the maniacs behind The Blood Grinder. What you may not know, however, is how that came to be, or how The Blood Grinder itself came to be, or where they mined for inspiration in the characters. Fortuna...


Ryan Lee sheds light on Super 8 audition process

I recently had the opportunity to interview Ryan Lee, one of the young stars for the upcoming Super 8. If you've read our summer movie preview, you know how excited I am for the film. J.J. Abrams is known for his secretive approach to writi...


Flixclusive Interview: Michael Sheen, Beautiful Boy

This week, I spoke to actor Michael Sheen about his upcoming film, Beautiful Boy, about two parents left to pick up the pieces after their son guns down classmates in a campus massacre before killing himself. We talked about first-time dire...


48 Hour Film Project: The Movie

A few weekends ago, our own Adam Dork made the trip up to D.C. to live-blog our 48 Hour Film adventure (part I, part II, and part III). The 48 Hour Film Project is a competition to make the best film you can in 48 hours. On a Friday eveni...


Flixclusive Interview: Mike Goldbach (Daydream Nation)

Recently, I had the chance to interview Mike Goldbach, the writer/director of the recently released film, Daydream Nation. The film, which is out on DVD, stars Kat Dennings as the sultry Caroline Wexler entering a dangerous love triangle wi...


Flixclusive: First details of Seth McFarlane's Ted

An anonymous tipster late yesterday gave us the first details of the Seth McFarlane’s live action directorial debut Ted. Do you guys not remember it? It's the one about a guy who wishes, as a kid, that his teddy bear came to life. Now...


Flixclusive Interview: Rebecca Wang, Passion Play

I recently got the chance to interview Hollywood newcomer Rebecca Wang, executive producer on the film Passion Play starring Bill Murray, Mickey Rourke, and Megan Fox. We briefly spoke on the experiences of a first time executive produ...


Flixclusive: An interview with Troma's Lloyd Kaufman

A couple weeks back, I had the honor and privilege of getting to interview Lloyd Kaufman, President and co-founder of Troma, master of DIY film-maing, and lord of all things your grandmother would be very disappointed in. We touched on the ...


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