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Blair Witch photo

Review: Blair Witch

Back in July a pretty standard looking shaky cam movie called The Woods pulled off the impossible by actually surprising the Internet at SDCC. It turned out that the film was a sequel to The Blair Witch Project. Blair Witch, as th...

Review: They're Watching photo

Review: They're Watching

In almost every found-footage movie, there's a much better non-found-footage movie. The entire idea of found-footage becomes a formal hindrance in which the mere act of filming crazy stuff going on requires constant justification. Or to put...

Unfriended Review photo

Review: Unfriended

I went into Unfriended expecting garbage. I told multiple people that I was on my way to the screening, and they asked why. I told them I didn’t know, but I was expecting terrible things. The trailer compared itself to The Blair Witch...

Project Almanac photo

First official trailer for Project Almanac

We've been hearing rumblings of the Michael Bay produced Project Almanac for awhile now. Once titled Welcome to Yesterday, the film is about a bunch of kids futzing around with a time machine leading to all sorts of wacky shenanigans. When...

As Above, So Below photo

Review: As Above, So Below

So, every now and then, I get really excited about a movie from its trailer (which is the point of a trailer, of course). My top three, in no particular order, would probably be 21 Jump Street, Watchmen, and Guardians of the Galaxy. I ...

The Pyramid photo

Trailer for The Pyramid is yet another found footage movie

With Halloween just around the corner, we're going to run the gamut of horror films that all want that your hard earned candy money (I don't know how Halloween works). So we'll try our best to only tell you about the distinct ones. I'd hat...

Exists Trailer photo

Trailer for sasquatch film Exists, uh, exists

When I don't know how to react to a trailer I'm posting here, I like to rely on the running joke "Trailer for [Movie] exists." And I'd like to take the film, Exists, for completely throwing that joke out.  Anyway, Exists is a fou...

V/H/S/3 photo

First trailer for V/H/S: Viral is pretty freaky

The third film in the V/H/S series, V/H/S: Viral, has a first trailer that still looks like this series is gonna spook the bejeebus out of me. I'm not a fan of found footage (or horror in general), but I do love anthologies where each segm...


Trailer: Devil's Due

This trailer came out a while ago, just in time for this year's Halloween movies, but we never got around to posting it. I saw the poster last night and I was like, "Oh yeah! That movie!" Devil's Due is a found-footage movie version o...

Trick or Treat photo

Trick or Treat: Grave Encounters

Hey guys, it's October! You know what that means: Halloween is right around the corner! As such, we will be bringing you some of our favorite horror film suggestions, in the hopes that they will lead to some sleepless nights. This is...Tri...

Frankenstein Army Review photo

Review: Frankenstein's Army

When it's firing on all cylinders, Frankenstein's Army is a great monster movie. The creatures that appear on screen have an odd aesthetic to them: warped, fascistic, mechanized; rusty and pockmarked and necrotic; it's humanity perverted in...

Frankenstein Interview photo

Interview: Richard Raaphorst (Frankenstein's Army)

Even though I had issues with the found-footage aspect of Frankenstein's Army, there's a great anarchic imagination in the film, and it belongs to director Richard Raaphorst. I had a chance to sit down and talk with Raaphorst the other week...

Meh-ranormal Activity photo

Paranormal Activity 5 may be delayed to 2014, world cries

Although every Paranormal Activity flick does gangbusters in the box office, maybe even Paramount realizes it's time to slow them down some. Paranormal Activity 5 is currently set for an October release, but sources close to The Wrap told t...

V/H/S/2 Discussion Review photo

Flixist Discusses Review: V/H/S/2

V/H/S/2 comes out after 2012, which was a really impressive year for found footage films, so it has even more to prove than its predecessor did. It's been playing in festivals all year and has been on VOD for a while, but now that it's...


Trailer: Willow Creek

I've enjoyed the three films directed by Bobcat Goldthwait that I've seen -- World's Greatest Dad, God Bless America, and Shakes the Clown. One day I'll get to his movie about bestiality, Sleeping Dogs Lie, which will no doubt be a gr...

V/H/S/2 Trailer photo

Trailer: V/H/S/2 (Red Band)

If the great reviews and Hubes's stellar interview with the directors of V/H/S/2 during its Tribeca run didn't whet your appetite for a horror anthology, then maybe this trailer will fix that. The first V/H/S, now available on Netflix...


Teaser Trailer: [REC] 4: Apocalypse

I've felt that the [REC] series has been a case of diminishing returns. I really liked the first one, thought the second one was good but had an issue with the break in tension midway through, and, well, then there was a third one. [REC] 4...

Mr. Jones Review photo

Tribeca Review: Mr. Jones

Filmmakers who are reading this: please, just stop with the found footage already. Seriously. Stop it. For the love of all that is good in the world, please stop it because you're hurting the quality of your own work. Actually, let me clari...

V/H/S/2 Review photo

Tribeca Review: V/H/S/2

In the original V/H/S, numerous tapes littered the apartment of the film's depraved gang of psychos, leaving the viewer to wonder what else those cassettes contained and whether the viewer can stomach to watch any more. S-VHS is a frivolous...


Michael Bay's Almanac is like Back to the Future Part II

Bleeding Cool has revealed details about Almanac, the Michael Bay-produced found-footage time travel film. And yes, there's a sports almanac in it just like Back to the Future Part II. The story involves a high school kid named David (a ner...


Review: The Bay

[This review was originally posted as part of our 2012 New York Film Festival coverage. It has been reposted to coincide with the wider theatrical release of the film.] Found-footage films can be tricky. In most of them, there's a single ca...


V/H/S 2 is happening, has some awesome talent behind it

As I write this, it has been less than 24 hours since my first experience of V/H/S. For those unaware, the film is an anthology of found-footage horror shorts, and it's pretty awesome. It's comprised of six different stories, and altho...


Flix for Short: Missing in the Mansion

With found footage horror films being as stupidly popular as they are today, it's nice that every once in a while you get a film that could do different things with the genre. And by different I mean involve Disneyland.  Missing i...


Michael Bay producing found-footage time travel film

'Splosionmeister Michael Bay is producing a found-footage time travel movie called Almanac. The film was written on spec by first-time screenwriters Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan, and is getting rushed into production. Almanac will be direct...


Review: V/H/S

[This review was originally posted as part of our Sundance Film Festival 2012 coverage. It is being reposted to coincide with the film's wider theatrical release.] The found footage horror film is one of the worst things ...


Trailer: Paranormal Activity 4

Another October, another Paranormal Activity is released unto the masses, who will foolishly gobble it up and start the cycle all over again. I've seen the first and second, and was suitably entertained, but found footage movies have long ...


Review: End of Watch

There are a lot of movies that make you want to be a cop. They glamourize police work the same way many war films do the army. Then there are the ones that deal with the dark side. There's no sexy "seedy underbelly" where good cops have to ...


Trailer: The Conspiracy

Remember earlier this morning when I mentioned generic titles? Well it can't get more generic than The Conspiracy. The Conspiracy is the latest in a long line of found footage "documentaries" which catalogs the tale of two filmmakers ...


Trailer: The Bay

The Bay is a found footage eco-horror film from Barry Levinson that looks like a mash-up of body/parasite horror and a zombie outbreak. I guess that sort of makes it a less-flatulent Gyo or a less-demony [REC]. Here's the synopsis: The qu...


Trailer: Paranormal Activity 4

Hey, look everyone, it's the trailer for the next Paranormal Activity! This time, there's a blonde teen girl played by someone from Glee! I bet she won't get on your nerves at all! This one claims to be what all the others have been leadin...


Red Band Trailer: V/H/S

First thing's first, and this is entirely superfical of me. I hate the way this movie is titled. VHS would be a perfectly fine title, spelled just like that. V/H/S just seems unnecessarily convoluted, to the point where I'm wonde...


Skullerific poster for found footage horror film V/H/S

Now this is a mighty fine bit of poster art for the forthcoming found footage horror anthology V/H/S. Simple yet effective, and it passes the video store test: if this poster was VHS box art, would you rent it? Obviously it would have to co...


Trailer: Harmless

Sometimes a Kickstarter project comes along that's just too magical to ignore. Such is the case with Harmless, a movie about a man losing his family to his addiction to pornography. Why is this magical? Well, because it's a found footage f...


Trailer: Area 407

If comments on the Internet are to be used as an accurate barometer, audiences are growing weary of found footage thrillers. They suck, though, because found footage is awesome and this new trailer for Area 407 (renamed from its origi...


Trailer: Chronicle

The headline for this story should read: "Final Chronicle trailer comes out, is an awful piece of crap." Seriously. I don't get it. The previous trailers for Chronicle - the "found" footage backyard superhero movie - are pretty decent. I d...


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