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SDCC: Green Lantern Corps announced

Warner Brothers and DC messed up big with Green Lantern, which is OK because it freed Ryan Reynolds up for Deadpool, but as we learned previously that doesn't mean they're giving up on the character. I reboot was planned and this reboot has...

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DC's film slate finally revealed!

Hold on to your hats, boys and girls, DC has revealed their film slate through 2020. This is major! We're looking at a pretty major A-List line-up (and Suicide Squad, which is cool too!) following Batman v. Superman - Dawn of Justice: 2016...


Warner Bros. has two Aquaman scripts in the works

Warner Bros., in a desperate bid to catch up with Marvel, is being crazy aggressive with its release schedule over the next few years. While we're pretty sure there will be more Bats, Superman and Wonder Woman we didn't know all of the film...


Justice League movie depends on Man of Steel

While I really don’t think that Man of Steel will be doing horrible in the box office, it now becomes important that it does well. If it doesn’t do well for some horrible reason, the Justice League movie might not be made. To su...


Quentin Tarantino likes crappy movies

Art is a truly amazing thing. I'm not just saying that because I'm an artist either. I think it's amazing because all art starts with inspiration. The things artists create are made possible by the books they read and the movies they watch....


Green Lantern concept art of different Parallax designs

Green Lantern was steaming poop in a pint glass, though Jenika thought it was just OK. You had lots of cheap-looking CG, too much chemistry-less romance, an unfocused and uninteresting plot, and a severe lack of imagination when it cam...


Geoff Johns holds out hope for Green Lantern 2

DC Comics's chief creative officer/writer extraordinaire Geoff Johns is still hopeful that a second Green Lantern film will happen. This is despite Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes telling reporters back in August that a sequel was uncertain. Jo...


Could Ryan Reynolds pass on Green Lantern 2?

Back in May, we told you that Green Lantern director Martin Campbell would not be returning to direct the sequel. Now it appears the potential franchise could also lose it's Hal Jordan, as THR reports multiple "industry sources" think ...


Review: Green Lantern

The past few years have brought us a glut of superhero origin stories. With so many similar films out there, it can be hard to make something that stands out while still maintaining the formula that draws old fans and new viewers alike. It'...


The Onion thinks Green Lantern looks stupid. I agree.

It's fun to laugh at how hard Hollywood pushes their films with over the top advertising, but then movies like Green Lantern come along and show why it's often necessary or you run the risk of your film being dead on arrival. I had no idea...


Check out a ton of clips from Green Lantern

Oh man. I am so excited for Green Lantern. These clips make me so happy right now. The tone is great. Ryan Reynolds is doing better with Hal Jordan than I'd ever expected. The CG is looking SO much better than it did even a couple of month...


Here's a ton of high-res Green Lantern pictures

Sean and I both have the Green Lantern symbols tattooed on our person. So we're more than a little excited for Green Lantern, which opens in just two weeks on June 17th. A lot of these pictures are stills from the last trailer, bu...


Trailer: Green Lantern

I'm a walking paradox. I absolutely can't stand DC Comics and their characters and am a tried and true Marvel believer. However, I tend to enjoy the DC films a whole lot more than Marvel's. The first few trailers for Green Lantern were adm...


Martin Campbell won't direct a Green Lantern sequel

Not surprisingly, sequels to the upcoming Green Lantern are already underway, as Warner Brothers scrambles to improve the DC Comics film franchises. However, director Martin Campbell, formerly of Goldeneye,Casino Royale, and wonderful&...


Trailer: Green Lantern

Green Lantern has come so far from the first trailer, which was chock full of poor CGI and a lackadaisical tone that brings to mind the aborted attempt to do Green Lantern as a comedy starring Jack Black. Now, with the ...


Green Lantern using all his willpower to finish FX

With a June release date looming large, Green Lantern has just gotten a budget boost of $9 million and has begun hiring work out to more special effects studios in order to complete the film by the promised June 17th date. This shouldn...


Have a high-res look at Green Lantern's costume

Despite some kickass, head-turning footage out of Wondercon, I've still got one big reservation about the upcoming film, and that's Ryan Reynolds in costume. Not that I don't believe he's a good choice to play Hal Jordan, mind, bu...


Wondercon footage of Green Lantern is SO AWESOME!

Green Lantern hasn't been the most exciting-looking project of the huge number of comic book properties hitting the screen this summer, but that may have just changed. This video is an edited-down version of the footage shown at Wondercon ...


Geoffrey Rush to voice Tomar-Re in Green Lantern

Green Lantern just scooped up an extra dose of class. Geoffrey Rush, the awesome Aussie recent nominated for an Oscar for his role in The King’s Speech, will be voicing Tomar-Re, one of Hal Jordan’s (Ryan Reynolds) fellow Green ...


Nathan Fillion: Green Lantern

This morning, I reported about some pretty awesome casting news. Now I’ve got more. One of the coolest fake trailers ever made is the Green Lantern trailer featuring Nathan “Why isn’t he playing Nathan Drake again?” Fillion. Somebo...


Green Lantern's first real trailer makes me apologize

Some of the CGI is clearly a little unfinished, but what’s there looks great. I wasn’t looking forward to this much, despite GL being one of my favorite superheroes, but MAN that looked cool! Sinestro and Kilowog both look...


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