Review: The Void photo

Review: The Void

The 80s aesthetic is chic these days in genre films. Just take a look at Beyond the Black Rainbow, It Follows, or The Guest, among others. Homage and pastiche don't guarantee quality, of course, but it's an indicator that more and more...


Flix for Short: "Roland I Feel You" by Get Well Soon

Alejandro Jodorowsky is one of my favorite filmmakers, and someone whose fingerprints are all over my imagination. On a few occasions I've expressed admiration for his influential handful of cult films (e.g., the Cult Club piece on Santa S...


Flix for Short: Italian Spiderman

"In the middle of a party, an asteroid from a distant galaxy falls to Earth and is taken by professor Bernardi (Carmine Russo) for research. He discovers the asteroid has a substance that can create duplicates from any ...


Shaun of the Dead Lego set is a step closer to reality

At the end of 2011, we told you about an awesome fan-made Winchester/Shaun of the Dead Lego set by Yatkuu (aka Gregory Coquelz from Belgium). Then just a few days after that, we told you that you could help Yatkuu make the Shaun of the Dead...


Help make Lego Shaun of the Dead a reality!

You may remember my post about the awesome fan-made Shaun of the Dead Legos. If you don't, you missed out. Catch up here, ya bimbos! Anyways, Yatkuu, better known as Greg, a 34-year-old man living in Belgium who is clearly a visionary and m...


Slices of fried gold: Lego Shaun of the Dead

This should really, really be the next Lego game. Seriously. I had a really bad day today. My paycheck got, for lack of a better word, penetrated by the state of Connecticut, I had to work from 9:00 AM 'til 8:00 PM tonight, and al...


Flix for Short: Miles Fisher - This Must Be the Place

Some of you may recognize him from Final Destination 5 or, more recently, this week's J. Edgar, but I was first introduced to Miles Fisher with this amazing music video, shown to me by my friend Tim during my all-too-brief stay a...


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