Blue Warmest Color Review photo

Review: Blue Is the Warmest Color

There are many examples of desire in Blue Is the Warmest Color that are nuanced and downright erotic. These moments are communicated in coy shifts in facial expression, through the brinkmanship of flirtation, the intimate risks of proximity...

Reaching for Moon Review photo

Tribeca Review: Reaching for the Moon

It's interesting to see screen depictions of a writer whose work you're familiar with but whose personal life is something you know little about. Their work usually makes more sense once it's been contextualized through their biography and ...


Flixclusive Interview: Joe Rubin, Process Blue

Joe Rubin is one of the men behind Process Blue, which is the group behind the H.G. Lewis film restoration that we featured in our first installment of our Kickstarter focused-series Kickstart and Live!. For those of you who don't know, Her...


Trailer: The Moth Diaries

"There are three things you find in every vampire story; sex, blood, and death." The Moth Diaries is a sexy, lesbian vampire story set at an all-girls private school about a creepy girl who may or may not be able to turn into a flock of mo...


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