Oblivion and Wall-E Trailer mash up

So what would happen if you combined a science fiction film from Disney/Pixar and combined it with another science fiction film from Universal? Well you would have a mash up of Wall-E and Oblivion and their respective trailers. In the ...


Flix for Short: The Office: An Unexpected Journey

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey continues to thrive at the box office. While I had a lot of problems with the film's flabby storytelling, there was one thing about the movie that was perfect: Martin Freeman as Bilbo. Free...


Baby Got Back, as sung by 295 different movies

On any given day, you see a lot of these sorts of mashups on the internet, and a lot of them, for me, live in that grey area between boring and awful. This one, however, from Dondrapersayswhat, features "Baby Got Back," a song scientifical...


Oh my Glob! Adorable Ghibli, Adventure Time crossovers

Ghibli Time! Come on, grab your friends, we'll go to a very distant land with Cake the Catbus and Fiona the human, the fun will never end, it's Ghibli Time! An awesome artist who just goes by David on his Tumblr has been creating these incr...


Clive Barker writing Zombies vs. Gladiators

Well, this is hardly expected. Clive Barker, one of the masters of horror, especially in the 80s, has signed on to write a script called Zombies vs. Gladiators for Amazon Studios. I like that title because it means we won't have to try...


Schwarzenegger's best lines make up a pretty good rap

I just finished watching Predator for the first time in years. And while the Predators themselves are complete babies, Arnold's performance is nothing short of obnoxious macho greatness. So it seems fitting that I'd find this shortly ...


Toy Story + The Shining = Kyle Lambert's Toy Shining

The best mash-ups are usually ones that take disparate elements and marry them together seamlessly. For an example of that, check out this great series of images by artist/graphic designer Kyle Lambert. After learning that Toy Story 3 direc...


Website generates giant supercuts from supercuts

Andy Baio and Micheal Bell-Smith recently created the website Supercuts.org, which algorithmically creates enormous mashup, or "supercut", videos by sampling from a huge collection of supercut videos on the internet. One of the most promin...


Trot Fuzz is Hot Fuzz with pretty pony pals

Remember that mashup I posted of Inglourious Basterds and My Little Pony? Apparently, there's a whole community of My Little Pony fans getting their pony butts into film trailers. Further digging resulted in such creators calling each othe...


Inglourious Ponies mixes Tarantino and My Little Pony

I might be in the minority here, but I felt that Inglourious Basterds was Quentin Tarantino's greatest film. No, it wasn't as quick-witted as Pulp Fiction or had the over-the-top action as Kill Bill vol. 1, but it served to be the next ste...


Watch Edgar Wright's 'Gun Fetish'

It's always exciting to see early work from one of your favorite artists. It always serves to remind me that every filmmaker I look up to was, at one point, just some dude screwing around with a camera and an editing suite. It's inspiring,...


A brief history of movie title design

This video was created by Ian Albinson for the opening of the SxSW "Excellence in Title Design" competition screening. And it's awesome. It's a chronological mashup of movie title screens and opening sequences throughout the history of fil...


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Awkwafina is Nora from Queens - Season One"She's still Nora from the block"


Color Out of Space"Nicolas Cage milks an alpaca"


Bad Boys for Life"Bay to the bone"


The Wave"Wave it away"


Weathering With You"Raindrops keep falling on my head"




Underwater"Dang, ocean, you scary"


Like A Boss"Well, it's watchable"


1917"The long (take) and winding road"


The Mercenary"God told me to kill"


Uncut Gems"Tell 'em Howie Bling sent ya"


The Witcher - Season One"Toss a coin to your Witcher"


Final Space Season 2"Clash of the titans"




Bombshell"Dirty bomb"


South Park - Season 23"Goin on down to Tegridy Farms"


6 Underground"Blood, Babes, and Bay"


Black Christmas"Paint it black and SHUT THIS DOWN"


Dark Waters"The Incredible Hulk vs Systemic Pollution"