Latest Nymphomanic production photo is sexy

Nymphomaniac is shaping up to be one sexy ride (hurr hurr hurr). Following the first still from the film showcasing Charlotte Gainbourg about to ride the trike with her two friends and the film's first promotional poster, a produc...


Trailer: Kiss of the Damned

Kiss of the Damned is yet another sexy vampire movie, who's characters much choose between romantic passion and bloodlust. In Kiss of the Damned, the lovely vampiress Djuna succumbs to the advances of human Paolo and soon he is entered int...

Aroused Review photo

Review: Aroused

Aroused is an odd documentary. It's essentially an advertisement for director Deborah Anderson's art book (which she makes sure to plug in the film), and although at times the entire film seems disingenuous, it's hard to deny the emotional ...


Nymphomaniac gets one hell of a poster

Lars Von Triers upcoming Nymphomaniac will most likely set off a lot of talk much like all his controversial films do. Some people are going to love it and others hate it, but when we all look back some time in the future in a Von...

Aubrey and a Popsicle photo

New The To Do List clip and images have pineapple juice

In this new clip for The To Do List (formerly, and more awesomely, known as The Hand Job), Aubrey Plaza does stuff to a Popsicle and promises to do other things as long as some gentlemen drink some pineapple juice (for very sexual reasons)...

Summertime Review photo

First Time Fest Review: Summertime

[This weekend, we are covering New York City's First Time Fest. Check back for reviews of some competition films from these directors trying to prove they have a cinematic future. More information can be found here.] Whenever I watch a...


New still from Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac

Last week saw the release of the first still from Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac, which is sure to be one of the most talked about films of 2013. One reason: Shia LaBeouf will have actual intercourse on screen. (*shudders*) Another reason is...

Lovelace Review photo

Sundance Review: Lovelace

Pornography is a dirty business and I'm not strictly speaking about the clean-up crew. One doesn't have to deeply penetrate the industry to dig up tales of manipulation, abuse, and self-destruction. 1972 hit Deep Throat set the standard for...


Trailer: Kink (Red Band)

Kink is the James Franco produced documentary the explores the BDSM website, Kink.com. This trailer proves that the documentary won't be sex acts, but the process and mentality about sustaining the entertainment behind it. This Red Band tr...


Infographic breaks down the sexual exploits of James Bond

Skyfall is finally out in the United States in IMAX theaters today, with a traditional theater release starting tomorrow. It seems right to highlight this infographic that chronicles every sex scene in a Bond movie (except for Never Say Nev...


CIFF Review: Clip

[Flixist will be attending the 48th Chicago International Film Festival over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow along as we bring you coverage from the longest-running competitive international film festival in the country. You can easil...


Trailer: After Porn Ends

You guys like sex and porn, right? Ever thought about what happens to your favorite porn stars after they leave the industry? Scratch that - EVERYBODY's thought about that. After Porn Ends follows a select few porn stars after their "twili...


Body Snatchers: Drive scorpion jacket

[Body Snatchers is Flixist's ode to film shirts that are clever or awesome enough to cover and consume our bodies.] For the generous price of $159 plus shipping and handling, you too can be a real human being (and a real hero) with this rep...


Trailer: The To Do List

Over a year ago, there was a little movie being developed called The Hand Job staring Aubrey Plaza that I was extremely psyched for. Was I excited because of the association between Aubrey Plaza and the word "hand job"? Absolutel...


LeBeouf going all the way in Von Trier's Nymphomaniac

See that look on his face? Do you see the steely resolve in those eyes? That's the look of a man who's okay putting his penis in things while being filmed, and that my friends is a man who deserves your respect! What's that? You haven't hea...


Watch Sofia Vergara get sexy on the set of Machete Kills

Sofia Vergara is one of numerous sexy ladies who will be starring alongside Danny Trejo in Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills, which is the sequel to 2010's Machete. Vergara's son Manolo hosts his own online reality series called Mi Vida con...


NYAFF Review: Vulgaria

[For the month of July, we will be covering the New York Asian Film Festival and the (also New York-based) Japan Cuts Film Festival, which together form one of the largest showcases of Asian cinema in the world. For our NYAFF coverage, head...


Review: Forbidden Quest

[Korean Movie Night NY continues with Kim Dae-Woo's Forbidden Quest. If you live in New York City, you can see this film for free at the Tribeca Cinemas tonight (April 10th) at 7 PM. More information can be found here.]  I kn...


Flixclusive Interview: Joe Rubin, Process Blue

Joe Rubin is one of the men behind Process Blue, which is the group behind the H.G. Lewis film restoration that we featured in our first installment of our Kickstarter focused-series Kickstart and Live!. For those of you who don't know, Her...


Trailer: Hysteria

So, if I read this trailer right, Victorian-era doctors in London that specialized in women's issues basically did nothing but get ladies off all day and all night. And Doc Brown wanted to go to the old west. Hysteria actually tells t...


The Canyons from Schrader and Ellis shoots in July

It was just over a month ago when we reported Brett Easton Ellis working with Paul Schrader on a noir film. Ellis had teased on Twitter that it would be a sexy thriller of some kind, and he'd ideally want male pornstar James Deen to play on...


Trailer: The Moth Diaries

"There are three things you find in every vampire story; sex, blood, and death." The Moth Diaries is a sexy, lesbian vampire story set at an all-girls private school about a creepy girl who may or may not be able to turn into a flock of mo...


Poots, Friel and Egerton bring the sexy for King Of Soho

Michael Winterbottom's Trishna will be arriving in cinemas this year, starring the gorgeous Freida Pinto. The director isn't resting on his laurels when it comes to putting the loveliness on-screen though: the adorable Anna Friel, most reco...


Trailer: Meaning of Robots (NSFW)

There are some really misleading trailers out there. I have spotted many a disappointed face after a movie turned out to be something completely different. Those are sad times. Luckily, there are also trailers that let you know exactly wha...


Red Band Trailer: Shame

Shame is getting a lot of buzz coming out of the festivals and leading into its limited opening this week (Alec saw it at NYFF, so read his review!). One could attribute that to the simple fact that its one of the few major studio releases...


Trailer: Shame

By our Alec's own admission, Shame is one of the best movies of the year, and this trailer is doing nothing to refute that. This movie definitely looks like one of the top contenders of the year, both in general film awards and for Michael...


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