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Flix for Short: Castello Cavalcanti

Fans of Wes Anderson, of which I count myself, are hankering for a bit of The Grand Budapest Hotel, but to tide us over we have a new short for the auteur and it's jam packed full of Wes Anderson style. Castello Cavalcanti stars Jason...


Flix for Short: Somewhere

Somewhere is a short animated film by artist Nicolas Ménard. It follows the journey of a star-crossed, stranded astronaut and his love back on his home planet. The 2D animation style feels appropriately lush, and I absolutely love t...


Flix for Short: Tank

Tank is a short film by artist and animator Nate Milton. It tells the story of a young boy who is an amateur naturalist. The boy captures all kinds of little woodland river and pond creatures like frogs, bugs and fish, and keeps them in li...

FFS: Wonder Woman photo

Flix for Short: Wonder Woman

While DC Comics continues to flounder about with twenty more Batman and Superman movies, I suppose this fan film from Rainfall films is the only incarnation of Wonder Woman we'll see on screen. Well, not including the Linda Carter version ...


Flix for Short: Lost & Found

This short documentary by Joey Bania profiles an eccentric New Zealand tinkerer and inventor named Blair Somerville. Somerville makes all kinds of things, most of which are made from found or recycled materials, and all of his inventions a...


Flix for Short: Skhizein

In Skhizein, we meet a man named Henry who was unluckily directly hit by a meteorite one night, which separated his physical self from the rest of the world by exactly 91 centimeters. However, to the rest of the world he remains completely...

FFS: Truth in Journalism photo

Flix for Short: Truth in Journalism

Truth in Journalism is a lovingly crafted short film set in the Marvel Universe produced by Adi Shankar (who produced films like The Grey and Dredd), directed by Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom) , and is 17 minutes of pure awesome.  T...


Flix for Short: Long Live The Kings

Long Live The Kings is a short, lyrical documentary about motorcycles and the open road. Shot entirely on film in the French Pyrénnées, Long Live The Kings follows a small crew of bikers and has poetic narration about the rom...


Flix for Short: Airy Me

Airy Me is a beautiful little animated video for the ethereal songstress Cuushe and animated by artist Yoko Kuno. The animation in the video is so fluid, constantly shifting and swirling like it's a liquid, but it also supports a surprisin...


Short doc marks Return of the Jedi's 30th anniversary

Return of the Jedi turns 30 years old tomorrow. The first time I saw the movie was on home video around age 5 or 6, and it was actually the first Star Wars movie I ever watched. To commemorate ROTJ hitting dirty thirty, Entertainment Weekly...


Flix for Short: Oswalt's Star Wars rant gets animated

A while ago comedian Patton Oswalt appeared on the TV show Parks and Recreation as a citizen of the town of Pawnee who made a filibuster rant... about Star Wars Episode VII, and all that it could be. And the internet went crazy for it. Now...


Pixar to make "Toy Story of Terror," a TV Special

Pixar has revealed that they will be debuting another Toy Story Toon short, in the tradition of Hawaiian Vacation, Small Fry and Partysaurus Rex. This time, Toy Story of Terror will be broadcasted on ABC television on Halloween as a 30 minu...


Chinese actors cut from Iron Man 3 to be in short film

Small potential spoilers depending on how picky you are. So have a small warning of caution people. For those who didn’t like that Wang Xueqi (Dr. Wu) had a small performance in Iron Man 3, don’t worry! He and other local actors...


Flix For Short: Tallest Heights

Tallest Heights was painstakingly made by filmmakers Becky & Joe, who employed an old filmmaking technique that reached the height of its popularity in the 1960s and 70s - physical manipulation of actual analogue film. They scratched, ...


Flix for Short: Omelette

Omelette was created by artist Madeline Sharafian at Calarts. The story follows a happy-go-lucky dog who loves its master so much that it'll do anything to take care of him. The short film is super adorable and I love the muted but cohesiv...

FFS: Spy vs. Guy photo

Flix for Short: Spy vs. Guy

Spy vs. Guy, written and directed by Seth Worley for software company Red Giant (who's short film, Tempo, we've featured before on Flixist), is basically what its namesake says. It's about a spy who needs who retrieve a device hidden insid...


Flix for Short: Everything I Can See From Here

Everything I Can See From Here is a beautiful little film by artists Sam Taylor and Bjorn Aschim. The dark comedy features two guys and their dog minding their own business, playing some football in a dystopian, industrial landscape, when a...

FFS: Waste photo

Flix for Short: Waste

Waste, directed by Anton Groves, has to be one of the best short films I have seen in awhile. At first I had no idea where the story was going (a man lives obliviously with loads of papercraft monsters ad he goes through life wasting thing...


Flix for Short: Illusions

Illusions is a sweet little film that begins as a look at optical illusions and their impact on the mind, and quickly rallies into a philosophical call for reverence of human life. It's a short, subtle and very enjoyable little film, and a...

Flix for Short photo

Flix for Short: The Elaborate End of Robert Ebb

The Elaborate End of Robert Ebb, directed by Clement Bolla, is about a man named Robert who puts on a monster costume to mess with his coworker. Then the costume gets stuck and results in the entire town turning into a scared, angry mob wh...


Flix for Short: Cargo

People say the zombie genre is overplayed, and for the most part we'd tend to agree. Then something like Cargo comes along and you start to believe that there may still be original ideas out there. A finalist at Tropfest Australia 201...


Dredd may get a short film

For those of you don’t know for whatever reason, Dredd did not do well in the box office. It made just over $36.5 million in total from both the international and North American market on a budget of $45 million. While it isn’t ...


Flix for Short: Granny O' Grimm's Sleeping Beauty

Nick Phelan's Granny O' Grimm's Sleeping Beauty was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short back in 2010 and it's easy to see why. The short is creepy, kooky, mysterious, and even spooky within its short run time. And the Gr...


Flix for Short: RGB XYZ

RGB XYZ is an animated short film by artist David O'Reilly. It's about leaving home for the big city, growing up and discovering one's place in the universe. O'Reilly says that RGB XYZ was a sort of stepping stone for him and that it helpe...


Flix for Short: Luke's Change

Did you ever think the Death Star may have blown up a little too easily? In a parody of the 9/11 conspiracy film Loose Change (complete with hilariously overbearing backing track), Graham Putnam's Luke's Change  is a short film t...


Flix for Short: Love Sport: Love Big Game Hunting

Earlier today we featured a new short called Jojo in the Stars from the animators at Studio Aka, and while making all of that happen I stumbled upon an older series of animated shorts from Studio Aka called Love Sport. There's about 13 dif...


Flix for Short: Jojo in the Stars

Jojo in the Stars is a short film by Marc Craste and Studio Aka. It tells the sorrowful tale of Jojo - a freak show performer in a bleak, dystopian world where abuse is the norm. Jojo has a number one fan though, and he'll risk his life fo...


Flix for Short: Croissant de Triomphe

How long has it been since we've had an actual, hand drawn Mickey Mouse cartoon? Too long. Sure there's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but it's all CG. I remember having an awesome time watching Mickey Mouseworks (later transforming into Disney's...


Flix for Short: Timeless Man

Timeless Man, a loving homage to science fiction staples Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Back to the Future, and Quantum Leap, is a short film by Two Joker Films (Brian O'Neill and Paul Bushe) in which Benjamin has traveled back in tim...


Flix for Short: Garlan Hulse: Where Potential Lives

In the same vein as the cool retro marketing Wreck-It Ralph had done for its fictional Fix-It Felix Jr. game, Rich Moore has made a short "documentary" to celebrate WIR's release on home video this past week. Garlan Hulse: Where Poten...


Flix for Short: The Pub

The Pub is a short, animated film by Joseph Pierce. The short combines the melancholic life of a barmaid who works in a seedy pub in London, with a fluctuating animation style where reality is fluid. You know, fluid like beer. The heavy bl...


Flix for Short: ABCinema - Take 2

It's been a little while since we showcased the work of Evan Seitz, but he's back again just in time for the Oscars. Here is ABCinema - Take 2. There are 26 films depicted alphabetically, and you have to guess which ones are which. I had t...


Flix for Short: Les Militaribles

Les Militaribles is a "parody" of Les Miserables from the South Korean Air Force with rejiggered songs ("Look Down" is now "Dig Down"), a rejiggered story (follows Valjean, an airman whose girlfriend is there to visit but Javert, his super...


Flix for Short: The Future

The Future, a short animated film by Alex Goddard, simply asks "want to see the future"? It's an extremely brisk, mesmerizing, almost cutesy, but it's damn great. Essentially everything hovers. I want that Hover Nose.  [via Alex Godda...


Flix for Short: Paper War

Paper War, a graduation project by Su Zhiwu and Liao Xiangzhong from the Communication University of China, is about two paper drawings fighting over a girl drawing. While it's hard to ignore some of the themes of the film, they reall...


Flix for Short: Coward

Coward, directed by David Roddham, follows the story of two cousins from Ireland who join the British Army during WWI. Coward manages to fit a stark portrayal of war (and the after effects it has on its soldiers) within its sort of short r...


Flix for Short: C: 299 792 km/s

C: 299 792 km/s, created by Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier, was filmed entirely without a green screen, in-camera, with hand made props and sets, and traditional special effects. This makes a "low budget" film about space c...


Flix for Short: Voice Over

Voice Over, written by Luiso Berdejo and directed by Martin Rosete, is all about an astronaut who's survival rests in the hands of the narrator's voice over after he crash lands on a mysterious planet.  It's certainly an int...


Flix for Short: The Reward

The Reward, a graduation film from The Animation Workshop in Denmark, is a classic adventure tale of two archetypes (the cool loner, the naive friendly guy) who travel to find a treasure together told in a silent, beautifully animated styl...


Flix for Short: Chennai to Pondicherry

Chennai to Pondicherry: A Motorcycle Tour of Southern India is a short film produced by the Royal Enfield Cycle company of India presumably hoping to inspire both cycling enthusiasts and regular people to be open to the virtues of motorcyc...


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