New images and a bit more plot for Thor: The Dark World

We're patiently waiting for the Thor: The Dark World trailer, but why not have some non-moving images to tide us over until then. Here we get another look at Thor holding his hammer, which is pretty much one of the most redundant photos eve...


Ant-Man, other Marvel films officially dated. Rejoice!

Whenever I'm reminded that Edgar Wright is finally on his way to making his Ant-Man movie, my heart fills with joy and thankfulness. It's no secret that Wright has spent several years working on the concept, and after successfully adap...


Thor: The Dark World gets an official synopsis

So far we haven't gotten much detail about the sequel to the meh/adequate/Shakespearean Thor. All we know is that Kat Dennings is getting an extended role, Zachary Levi is one of the Warriors Three, and Christopher Eccleston is pl...


Rumor: Viggo Mortensen may be Doctor Strange in Thor 2

It's time to stack a new rumor on top of the previous rumor about Doctor Strange. There's some word today that Viggo Mortensen might be playing the good doctor in the sequel to Thor. The rumors come via the Twitter account of Roger Wardell ...


Rumor: Dr. Strange to join Thor 2?

Take this with a grain of salt, kiddies, but Screenrant reports that another Marvel staple may be getting his introduction in next year's Thor: The Dark World, and that character is Dr. Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme himself! Here's ...


Kat Dennings' role expanded in Thor: The Dark World

Thor was the black sheep of the Marvel universe films. It had more cosmic elements and didn't feel as tight (or interesting) as the rest of the films. However, with a cast that includes Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Natalie Portman, Kat Denn...


Christopher Eccleston is Malekith the Accursed in Thor 2

Christopher Eccleston, who you may recognize as the ninth Doctor from Doctor Who, has won the role of the villain in Thor: The Dark World, sequel to last summer's demigod extravaganza Thor. He'll be playing Malekith the Accursed, ruler of t...


Thor 2 lines up Zachary Levi as one of the Warriors Three

Zachary Levi is being eyed for Thor 2, which would be his first major project since the wonderful Chuck ended in January. Bartowski... sorry, Levi, will play Fandral of the Warriors Three, a role previously filled by Josh Dallas before his ...


Official timeline released for Marvel Cinematic Universe

This probably would have been better to release before The Avengers came out, but better late than never: Marvel has created this nice infographic that lays out the official timeline for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It covers every movie ...


Review: The Avengers

The first of 2012's behemoth blockbusters arrives with the weight of four years' build-up on its shoulders and rabid fan expectations to live up to. Despite none of the movies leading up to this point being particularly special - Robert Dow...


Captain America 2 coming in 2014

What's this you say? Captain America is getting a SEQUEL? Who ever could have predicted these events?! I am simply floored by this announcement, Disney/Marvel/EA/whatever-the-hell-you-are-these-days. Yeah, and apparently it's coming April 4...


Ultimate Marvel Marathon: 5 films + The Avengers in a day

AMC Theaters is putting together one crazy day of Marvel movies leading up to The Avengers. On May 3rd, you can watch Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor in 3D, Captain America in 3D, and then The Avengers in 3D at midnight. Tha...


Take off Ryan Gosling's clothes with these paper dolls

Illustrator Kyle Hilton spends his time making some fantastic media-inspired paper dolls. Have you ever wanted to dress and undress Thor for hours? Now you can! You can also reveal the identity of the Crimson Bolt from Super, or add some sp...


Thor 2 hammer passed unto mighty new director

Thor 2 has been talked about for a while now and has since been met with a fair bit of controversy. Having stepped down from the directing throne of Thor 2, Kenneth Branagh passed down Thor's mighty hammer unto Patty Jenkins, but woe unto h...


Alan Taylor named new director of Thor 2

We mentioned earlier in the month that Monster director Patty Jenkins was no longer helming Thor 2: Thor Harder. There weren't many details about her departure save for "creative differences," though Jenkins' leaving the film apparently ups...


Marvel's Inhumans and Guardians Of The Galaxy on the way

Everyone knows that Marvel fans have Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 to look forward to, yet a list released in this month's Entertainment Weekly, featuring a blow-out of details on next year's Avengers movie, suggests that a number of other, more un...


Marvel President reveals Thor 2 details

I wasn't mad about this summer's adaptation of Thor, but people more familiar with the comics (aka anyone who has so much as glanced at one) were much more enthusiastic. Those people will probably have a greater understanding of the details...


Watch Marvel's one-shot "The Consultant" early!

"The Consultant" is actually a special feature on the upcoming Thor Blu-Ray (read our review here) that basically shows Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson between Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. It's nothing special, but it's funny, a...


Brian Kirk frontrunner to direct Thor 2

Good news for anyone who shared my view that this summer's Thor was kind of a mess, due in no small part to director Kenneth Branagh's love of pointlessly skewed camera angles. Branagh won't be returning for the sequel, which has already be...


Thor sequel hires FF2: Rise of the Silver Surfer scribe

To date, the only Marvel Comics adaptation movie I haven't seen, including Roger Corman's Fantastic Four, is the sequel to Tim Story's 2005 take on the family FF, Rise of the Silver Surfer. This is for the very specific reason that it's wid...


Thor 2 is out in 2013 without Kenneth Branagh

I somehow missed the announcement of a Thor sequel, though it's not exactly a SHOCKING REVELATION. Marvel has just announced that Thor 2, or possible Thor: Stupid Subtitle, will be released in the summer of 2013 alongside Iron Man 3. A...


Comment and win a Thor poster!

[UPDATE: Contest is over! Cacophony is our winner!] Hey, gang! I've got a shiny new poster for Thor here, and I want to give it to one of you fine people! It's the one you see in the gallery below. It doesn't even have any dings in it ...


Review: Thor

[This review was posted last week following the film's limited release. It is being reposted to coincide with the film's nationwide release.] First, a disclaimer: I've never so much as read a page of the Thor comic book. That's important, b...


Avengers, ASSEMBLE!...to the beginning of shooting!

Joss Whedon's newest doomed-to-fail indie project, some crap called The Avengers, started shooting yesterday. Ok, can't keep a straight face for that one. Unless Thor and Captain America are horrendous at The Room levels of awful ...


Is this a description of Thor's post-credits scene?

Obviously, from the title, you can tell that this is a big, big spoiler, for both Thor and, potentially, for other future Marvel projects. I also can't stress enough that it is a rumor, not confirmed fact, and it's unlikely that Marvel...


Marvel Studios spills the beans on Marvel film future

Are you burnt out by all of the hype leading up to this year's Marvel Studios trifecta of X-Men: First Class, Thor, and Captain America? If not, I've got some more news. Everybody knows the huge opus that is The Avengers is coming out next ...


Truckload of new images from Thor

Thor will be in theaters in less than a month. We have a bunch of newly-released stills to help get you pumped. We mostly get to look at everyone in street clothes, but the few shots of the armor are looking pretty rad. Idris Elba in partic...


This clip of Thor give you a look at Hawkeye...kinda

So here's this new Thor clip. You can see Jeremy Renner (presumably) as Hawkeye hanging from a crane watching Thor fight some dude in the mud and the rain. If that's all you care about, it's at about the twenty-four second mark. You're not...


Thor posters are slightly better than First Class posters

Remember when the X-Men: First Class promotional posters were unveiled and everybody hated them? Oh, you're still trying to forget about them? Luckily, the Thor posters have been revealed and they're better than X-Men's... right? Newsarama ...


Chris Hemsworth on sharing The Avengers spotlight

I imagine Chris Hemsworth is in another world right now (Asgard, perhaps?). The relative newcomer in the film industry had quite the impact in his film debut, Star Trek, as Captain Kirk's father. Another C2E2 fan felt strongly about Hemswo...


Chris Hemsworth yells, "FOR ASGARD," fanboys approve

Continuing with my coverage of C2E2 from this past weekend, I've added this video. Say what you will about the Thor film, you can't deny the fact that "FOR ASGARD!" could become the next "THIS IS FOR SPARTA!" There's just something catchy ...


Anthony Hopkins: "There's just no acting required here."

I'm reporting from C2E2, the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo this weekend. I just recently got out of the exclusive Chris Hemsworth/Thor Q&A panel and have some good insight to share with you over the next few days! For now, I hav...


Trailer: Thor

Here at Flixist, a few of us were interested in one thing last night: Super Bowl teasers. In between moderate lengths of football, a large number of commercials aired that made us feel justified for drinking Coke and to believe in our dorm...


Here's a double dose of Marvel news for your morning

Like it or not, Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor are set to be two of the biggest movies of the summer, and they’re both laying some major groundwork for 2012’s Avengers film. As such, there shouldn’t be much surprise that...


Hilarious racists boycott Thor

I think racism is absolutely hilarious. The level of things that get under the skin of these crazy people baffles my mind, and the only way I can respond is with laughter. So, when I’m reading that a group called the Council of Con...


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