Taron “Eggsy”erton won’t appear in third Kingsman film


I’ve only briefly touched upon my utter adoration for Taron Egerton (and Ansel Elgort) when I reviewed Billionaire Boy’s Club, but please dear reader do not mistake: I have the biggest man crush on this beautiful Welshman. He knocked his performance as Eggsy out of the park in both the original Kingsman and its sequel, making the latter at least bearable to watch. He has the perfect combination of crass and class that melds perfectly with the high intensity action and campy nature of both movies, so please excuse me if I’m upset that he won’t be in the third movie.

While promoting the upcoming Robin Hood he is starring in, Egerton confirmed he would not appear in the third Kingsman. However, instead of devastating news, this is just disappointing because in the interview made sure to say that Eggsy will be in another Kingsman movie, just not the third one. This is because the next film in the series will be a prequel set in the early 20th-century, presumably exploring a younger Kingsman organization and weird steam punk gadgets. 

I get it, I do; the 20-something Eggsy probably can’t appear 100 years before he was born. At the same time…. booooooo! I want more Eggsy! He can pull off an orange suit, and if that’s not talent, I don’t know what is. Why not put in an Eggsy “ancestor” that looks, talks, and acts exactly like him? Action auteur John Woo did that for A Better Tomorrow 2 and everyone was just happy to see Chow-Yun Fat shoot more people. I guess the giant cardboard cutout of Egerton right next to my bed will have to tide me over until Kingsman 4. The still un-subtitled Kingsman 3 will release November 8, 2019.

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