Teenagers want text-friendly theatres; World weeps


Over at The Hollywood Reporter, a poll was recently gathered which showed the proof of humanity’s decline. Turns out, these sack of sh*t Millennials want theatres that’ll cater to their every damn need, such as areas where they can text, tweet, and generally annoy the piss out of everyone. Y’know, while the movie they paid their parent’s money to see is playing in front of them

Hopefully, no one actually caves in and allows this to happen. Why should we cater to these bags of flesh who contribute nothing? I hope more theatres actually take the initiative of kicking folks out that have their phone on during a movie. Better yet, I wish every theatre were like the Cinefamily with their one rule: “Don’t be a dick!” Seriously though, these butt-headed fart-faced teenagers need to learn that you can be too connected online, and that you have no right being a dick in a movie theatre. Also, get off my lawn before I call the police.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]