The Book of Mormon to leap from stage to screen


If you don’t like musicals, you’re probably a dick. The best new musical of the year, and winner of approximately three hundred million billion Tony awards, The Book of Mormon is headed to movie theaters near YOU, since it’ll take a while for it to actually start touring properly and wind up in St. Louis and Sacremento. The idea is that the movie will be made in a few years, once the tour is underway.

This is exciting for me, because I’m basically constantly playing this soundtrack when I’m not listening to old episodes of Podtoid and Bruce Springsteen b-sides. It’s fantastically funny and as crude and un-PC as you’d expect from the writers of South Park, Avenue Q, and Cannibal! The Musical. I just hope they retain as much of the original cast as possible and actually film the thing like a movie, as opposed to whoever decided it was a good idea to make the movie-of-the-play-of-the-movie The Producers look like a video taped performance of the live show.

[Via EW]