The Dictator features an Anchorman 2 preview


Conspicuously unfunny-looking The Dictator had some uncredited script work done by Adam McKay, writer and director of Anchorman and its forthcoming sequel. McKay tweeted that there is a treat for audiences preceding the film, which has been confirmed to be a preview for (what is possibly titled) Anchorman: The Legend Continues, dating it for 2013.

The preview contains the male cast of the first film expressing their excitement to return. No word on whether they are comically older, balder, or more blithely offensive.

The film is due to shoot next February. If you cannot wait for another taste of the original, or are just going absolutely crazy to see a less clever, more scripted, derivative Borat, go see The Dictator when it opens on May 16.

[via Collider]