The Interview grossed $31 million on VOD despite piracy


When Sony released The Interview on most video demand services but its own, it was promptly pirated nearly 100 million times. At first it seemed like this news would only deter studios from simultaneous theatrical and VOD releases for big name films. The Interview may not have made nearly enough to break even (or cover their advertising budget) it still made an impressive amount of money. 

Raking in $31 million over all services (thanks to all of the hype from the goings on), maybe other studios will be just a bit more confident. I know I see most films through VOD (outside of screeners of course), and it’d be great if I could get some sooner. But, in the same breath, not every film will garner as much attention. And this is a first too since we don’t normally see how well digital films do. I hope this is just a bit more than the norm. 

[via Deadline]