The Just Cause movie has found a director to take up… the cause


Video game adaptations, for better or for worse, are here to stay. With Monster Hunter hitting big screens and Fallout getting a series, Hollywood has taken keen interest in gaming. Up at bat now is a Just Cause film, adapting the open-world action series published by Square Enix, developed by Avalanche Studios. And now, the film has a director.

Mike Dowse recently worked on Coffee & Kareem for Netflix, starring Ed Helms and Taraji P. Henson, and in 2019 he directed buddy comedy Stuber, in which a hapless Kumail Nanjiani escorts gun-toting Dave Bautista around in his Uber. That in mind, Dowse has been signed to direct Just Cause, from a script by Derek Kolstad, best known for co-creating the John Wick franchise.

The Just Cause games star special agent Rico Rodriguez, who often finds himself working to topple dictatorial regimes in beautiful, sunny paradises through means of explosives and the explosions they produce. Producers at Constantin Film are currently said to be looking for a female co-lead, aiming for a buddy-adventure tone that would seem to play to Dowse’s directorial strengths.

No date has been set for the film.

‘Stuber’ Director to Helm ‘Just Cause’ Adaptation from ‘John Wick’ Co-Creator Derek Kolstad [Collider]