The Kid Who Would Be King drops new trailer and posters

The Kid Who Would Be King | Official Trailer [HD] | Fox Family Entertainment

I don’t know anyone who is turbo excited about The Kid Who Would Be King, but I’m getting a fun vibe from it that a lot of movies lack these days. The kind of kids movie that is just enjoyable to watch and leaves you feeling happy. Something along the lines of Paddington but not as good. 

The new trailer gives us a bit more of this feeling and brashly stays family-friendly. Joe Cornish clearly wanted to make a fun kids film for his second outing and the studio appears to have let him. It’s pretty refreshing when half the animated fare out there is attempting to be half kid-friendly and half adult-friendly. Oh, and there’s Patrick Stewart as Merlin. I mean, that would pretty much sell the movie on its own. 

With a January 25 release date, the movie is also one of the few films that actually looks enjoyable coming out next month. Seriously, this January looks to be one of the worst in years and The Kid Who Would Be King could at least give us one good film.

Matthew Razak
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