The new Child’s Play reboot poster has murdered Woody


We are here to mourn a toy cowboy. He was your best friend. Now it looks like someone else wants to take his place as your best friend.

It’s not often you see a toy murdered. It’s even less often that it happens to a Disney character. I’ll hand it to the Child’s Play reboot’s marketing department, they are swinging for the fences. The newest poster shows what is likely the remains of Woody after Chucky has gotten done with him. If Woody’s predicament is any indication of what is store for the living characters of the Child’s Play reboot, then they should be terrified of the Mark Hamill voiced Chucky.

The poster is a not so subtle, but fun, jab at the fact that Toy Story 4 and the Child’s Play reboot are releasing on the same day. It wouldn’t be too hard to predict that the latest Pixar outing will probably be on top of that weekend’s box office, but that’s not going to stop this reboot from having fun with the idea of these two movies going head to head. This Chucky has been having fun with other things in the posters leading up to the film, with him adding the Easter Bunny to his list of victims as well. These posters show just how this newest Chucky is being positioned as a worthy successor to the last with these kinds of antics.

I’m curious to see who else will fall victim to Chucky before its June 21, 2019 release date.

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