The Order of the Seven lands new director


We told you they were coming, but it’s possible that with all the news on the other two Snow White tales you forgot about Disney’s new adaptation of the starting-to-become-a-cliche fairytale. The Order of the Seven, formerly Snow and the Seven, has landed commercial director Michael Gracey who is replacing Francis Lawrence who was attached to it almost since Disney started developing the project in 2002.

Of all the Snow White adaptations (fairy tales really are the new vampires) this one is the one clearly veering far away from the original, even more so after several rewrites. The Order of Seven focuses more on the dwarfs than Snow White. However, they aren’t dwarfs, they’re warriors from around the world with different fighting styles and they aren’t in a mystical forest, but instead in 19th century China. The dwarfs warriors are tasked with protecting an Englishwoman running from a great evil.

Now that a director has been selected the action film will begin to get storyboards and fight scenes will be choreographed. It really sounds like a far cry from Snow White and closer to Seven Samurai, which actually just makes me more excited for the movie.

[via THR]

Matthew Razak
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