The Rhythm Section flops harder than any movie ever has


Super Bowl weekend is never a good weekend for movies. People are basically staying at home waiting for the big game to happen or out buying copious amounts of cheap beer and nachos. This year was much the same, though now it has an inglorious record to claim.

The Rhythm Section scored the worst box office opening ever for a film opening in more than 3,000 (the breaking point for truly wide release) theaters by pulling in only $2.8 million. That’s an anemic $918 per theater. It’s woeful. Expectations for the film weren’t great but no one would have guessed it to turn in this bad a performance. The film could reportedly lose nearly $30 million. Not good for Blake Lively, though it’s hardly her fault as she’s the best part of the film.

The “winner” of this bedraggled weekend was Bad Boys for Life, which is continuing its domination of the beginning of the year. The film scored a very solid $17 million and now sits at $271 million worldwide. As a non-MCU film those numbers are truly stellar. 

1. Bad Boys for Life – $17,675,000
2. 1917 – $9,660,000
3. Dolittle – $7,700,000
4. Gretel & Hansel – $6,050,830
5. The Gentleman – $6,010,000
6. Jumanji: The Next Level – $6,000,000
7. Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker – $3,193,000
8. The Turning – $3,050,000
9. Little Women – $3,015,000
10. The Rhythm Section – $2,800,000

Matthew Razak
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