The Warrens (yup, the fake real ones) are confirmed for Annabelle 3


I like to imagine the entire Conjuring universe is actually a long prequel to Hard Candy, with Wilson as Ed Warren getting possessed by the demon/nun super devil and, becoming some immortal, evil, pedophile, losing to Ellen Page of all people. That may still happen because Wilson and co-star Vera Farmiga are slated to come back in supporting roles in Annabelle 3. That’s right, the Warren’s are back and I hope they’ll get an overlong, dumb round of applause just like the heroes showing up in Infinity War.

As Matt noted, the third Annabelle film will be a very important lesson for the Warren’s to not put loads of haunted stuff in the same room as the concentration of demon power will royally wreak havoc on the Warren’s and their daughter. That sounds like a spooky party I’d wanna attend and having the two horror experts being able to explain all the evil doo-dads trying to possess them definitely helps. I’m also fond of actors remaining in horror sequels because that means they usually can’t deny that a spooky thing exists for the first half of the movie.

This is the sixth film in the Conjuring universe that started only in 2013 and is set to be out July 3, 2019.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson to Return as The Warrens in ‘Annabelle 3′ – [Collider]