The Wolverine getting a sequel because money


Because the X-Men spin-off sequel The Wolverine did so well in theaters (making $413 million dollars worldwide), it’s only natural that talk of another film would start soon because people like makin’ money. According to the good folks at Deadline, 20th Century Fox has started talks with James Mangold (director) and Hugh Jackman about a sequel to the sequel of the original spin-off. Right now it’s still too early for possible plot details, as Mangold is only set to write the treatment (which means it hasn’t really been framed yet, but there’s an idea), so we’ll keep an eye out for more details. 

I liked The Wolverine well enough. It’s not great by any means (and the end credits teaser for Days of Future Past ended up being more entertaining than the entirety of the film), but hey, Hugh Jackman is an attractive Wolverine. The more I get to see him mad and shirtless, the better. 

[via Deadline