There are two scripts for Independence Day 2


Will Smith has been all over the place in terms of Independence Day 2 (officially titled ID Forever Part 1). He wasn’t returning and then he was in talks and then he wasn’t again. It’s all a bit confusing as it’s unclear why he wouldn’t want to be paid to punch more aliens in the face. It seems even the production isn’t sure if he’ll be in it as director Roland Emmerich has admitted that there are currently two scripts for the film: one with Will Smith in it and the other without him.

Emmerich says the one with Smith in it is coming along nicely, but does this mean we’ll see completely different movie if Smith doesn’t return or is his character relegated to a minor role this time around and thus editing him out isn’t that big a deal. My prediction is that his character dies. If he’s in they can have an awesome death scene with him and his son, who will probably be played by Michael B. Jordan, if he isn’t they’ll just make reference to his death and have a silent moment.

Whatever Smith decides it seems the film is still struggling, but it’s moving forward. Emmerich called it, “A daily battle … The budget, the schedules, the actors … [but] It’s looking good.”

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Matthew Razak
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