There’s a petition to get a Dredd sequel now


Last time I reported on Dredd sequel news, I asked the Internet to get to work and bother people in order to get a sequel made. It looks like they’ve finally made their first move. There’s a petition going around in order to get a sequel to Dredd. Normally the idea of a movie getting a sequel is met with cynicism or a lack of interest, but Dredd is one of the rare cases that everyone pretty much agrees on wanting more. 

Dredd was a great movie (sadly ignored but performed extremely well on home video), but stayed dead in the water despite even Karl Urban expressing an interest in making more. And Urban said a big part of getting a sequel to the film is letting the bigwigs know that people want it…so…yeah. There’s a petition that exists that doesn’t make me angry. Sign it if you want more Dredd and believe in petitions. 

Then again if folks cared that much the first time around, we wouldn’t be in this situation. 

[2000ad Official Petition via Collider]