Tim Meadows added to The Lonely Island movie, Conner4real


Production of the then known as Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie began last week! And yet, in those few short days, so much has already changed. We have a for real title and synopsis for the movie: conner4real, in which Andy Samberg plays a rapper who drops a distinctly un-fire album, and must reunite his old boyband. It’s gonna play as a parody of the currently in brand of music documentaries, in the wake of Never Say Never and whatever that One Direction movie was called. So, yeah, sounds like exactly the movie The Lonely Island would make.

In other news, Principal Ron Duvall himself is going to be starring as Samberg’s manager, which is great because no matter the circumstance I’m always going to have a smile on my face when Tim Meadows is getting work.

[via Deadline]