Titanic 3D to screen in select cities for Valentine’s Day


Two weeks from today comes every man’s worst nightmare: VALENTINE’S DAY. The Hallmark holiday comes with overhyped expectations for those in relationships, as well as a psychological blow to the heart for those desperate to show they can meet such expectations if only they had a loved one by their side. Aww…

Luckily, Paramount Pictures is making it a bit easier for those still searching for Valentine’s Day plans by planning early screenings of Titanic 3D in select cities a few months prior to its official re-release in theaters to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the tragic event. Because really, what better way to celebrate a day centered on love by watching a film based on one of the most tragic and deadly maritime events?

Unfortunately, some of the cities are already out of passes. You can find a complete list of participating cities on this GoFobo website.

[via Cinema Blend]