Tony Jaa leaves kickboxer to be replaced by Van Damme


Reboots are better when the aging star of the original show up. It’s  fact. I think. Maybe not. However, the Kickboxer reboot is definitely made better by he fact that Jean-Claude Van Damme will be showing up in it. It appears that for the new film — pauses dramatically and puts on shades — the student has become the master.

LIFE GOAL ACCOMPLISHED! Typing that sentence in a totally appropriate way was definitely on the bucket list.

Anyway, Van Damme will now be the trainer of Kurt Sloan (Alan Moussi) who travels Thailand to learn the secrets of kickboxing. Losing Tony Jass due to scheduling conflicts is a blow since Jass is awesome, but I think replacing him with Van Damme makes up for it. Plus, eventually someone is going to fight Bautista. 

[via THR]

Matthew Razak
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