Toy Story + The Shining = Kyle Lambert’s Toy Shining


The best mash-ups are usually ones that take disparate elements and marry them together seamlessly. For an example of that, check out this great series of images by artist/graphic designer Kyle Lambert.

After learning that Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich was inspired to makes films by The Shining, Lambert created 25 images on his iPad that brought the two together. The result is Toy Shining, which may be the best remix of The Shining since the life-affirming family movie trailer Shining back in 2005. (I’ve placed that after the cut if you somehow aren’t familiar with it already.) As First Showing notes, Lambert was invited to Pixar and gave Unkrich a print of all 25 images.

You can view a sample of the Toy Shining series in our gallery. Be sure to visit Kyle Lambert’s official website to view the full Toy Shining gallery.

[Kyle Lambert’s Toy Shining Via First Showing]

Hubert Vigilla
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