Trailer: Hugo


Yep, this is the fourth solid hour of trailers. This one’s a doozy, though. Martin Scorcese’s new film Hugo is A)a light hearted-looking adventuring in 3D, and B)doesn’t feature anyone getting beaten to death with something rusty and knobbed. Coincidentally, that’s a phrase most people use to describe my penis.

Hugo is about a young orphan that owns an odd, broken clockwork automaton while living in the walls of a Paris train station. He goes on an adventure with the friends that he makes, while trying to discover the secret behind the automaton his father left him. I really, really like the tone of this. It looks like a fun bit of business for a Thanksgiving family film, and it’s directed by Martin Scorcese. Let that sink in. Martin “Goodfellas” Scorcese has directed a 3D adventure where Sacha Baron Cohen collides with a large cake. There will be a video game adaptation on the Nintendo DS and 3DS. On a Scorcese movie. I don’t care if it’s bad. I’ve got to see how this one plays out.

[Via /Film]