Trailer: Into the White


Into the White is a World War II film about two groups of soldiers from England and Germany, respectively. After they shoot each other down, they find themselves sharing a Norwegian cabin. In order to survive the harsh winter, they must put their differences aside and team together. Of course, hilarity ensues in this raucous comedy.

Actually, it’d be better if this film WAS a comedy. As it stands (for now), Into the White is a psychologically-driven drama delving into the minds of the soldiers on each side. It also stars everybody’s favorite Ginger, Rupert Grint, giving it that sense of star power that would help drive a few extra ticket sales. Based on the trailer, though, it seems to be a slow and boring trek. However, I do like the premise of two opposing sides sharing a cabin and being forced to rely on one another for survival. It’s also made apparent that Grint hasn’t lost his penchant for facial control.

Into the White gets its chance to prove me wrong sometime next year. It will blow through Norway on March 9, 2012; however, it doesn’t have a US date set just yet.

[via /Film]